Preschool Thanksgiving Bible Printables

Updated on Nov 21, 2022
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Printable Thanksgiving Bible Craft
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How do you teach kids with Thanksgiving bible verses?

Let your little ones learn about the gratitude connected to the Bible verses. Elaborate on the activities with acquiring the thankful cites from the Bible. Therefore, coming up with fun ones might make them engage better. If you just look for ideas for creating the activities, these explanations might help you a lot.

  1. Write the Bible verse on the cards and share! Ask your kids to deliver the card to people around them. You can take the kids grocery shopping and share the card with the employees there.

  2. Craft, color, and write! Point to the verse about thankfulness. Grab a paper plate, tissue paper roll, crayon, googly eyes, and red paper. Cut the paper plate in half and let the kids make the feather accents by coloring the paper plate with crayons. Read aloud the verse with you while also writing down the center part. Make the bird’s body from a tissue paper roll and give the face ornaments there. A turkey scripture craft is done!

  3. Making chalkboard art. Put Isaiah 12:4-5 on the board and let your kids participate in coloring the embellishments using colored chalks. Display it in your living room and praise your kid’s art while the dinner starts.

  4. Using the placemat. Choose the placemat blank design with Bible verses added on. Ask your kids to color and read it aloud! Using it as a placemat on kids’ dinner sounds good though. Laminate it to be waterproof and safe to use.

How do you show gratitude through a tree?

Autumn in November always tends to be gratitude. Celebrating thankfulness by making a gratitude tree is another level. Show this gratitude tradition to your kids and let them participate in the making. When it comes to styles, you actually have many choices. Look at these and choose the ones that inspired you!

Come up with the Christmas tree as your gratitude. Buy the Christmas tree earlier or just use your old ones. Give fresh-made decorations with any thankful signs from various materials. Start from fabric, paper, and even the beads. Turn those materials into Thanksgiving ornaments and hang them on the tree. Highlight the typical symbols and make them wonderful!

Make the tree your centerpiece. DIY it with branches, a mason jar, and maple tree templates. Write the bible verses about gratitude and stick them as the leaves. Make it gorgeous by adding light bubbles. Display as the centerpiece of the dinner.

Use the wooden signs to deliver the thankful. Have some wooden templates that represent the feast. Pull off your hand lettering skills there. Use the stencil and make your kids paint it. Show them how to use the stencil first. Start from stick the stencil on the wood and painting the inside part.

In here, you can let them explore the color they want to use. Dried the paintings and place them one by one on the tree. For this one, you should choose firm tree branches and make sure it’s enough to carry the signs.

Christian Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
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Thanksgiving Bible Verse Cards
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Printable Preschool Thanksgiving Activities
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How do you arrange Thanksgiving lunch at school?

Thanksgiving is also a wonderful holiday for kids. Arranging your preschoolers' lunch feast at school sounds cool! Come up with a list of the preps below and nailed kids’ thankfulness!

Start with the makeover of your classroom. To add more gratitude vibes, decorations with thankful accents are needed. Turkey bulletin board would be great to cover your blackboard. Grab the banner, printed thankful sayings, and any embellishments referring to the feast.

For the meals, you can ask the kids to bring turkey set meals and pack them in a lunch box. Prepare any side dish or desserts connected with the celebration. Go with any stuffings, sweet pumpkin casserole, green beans, and more. Desserts such as fruit skewers, pumpkin cookies, turkey pretzels, and some candies would have kids’ attention. Drinks also become your job to prepare. Have a pumpkin juice menu with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles on the top. Add the thankful chocolate sign will make it wonderful!

Throw the games which involve learning also. Do the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. Have a list with any words and pictures in an autumn theme. Ask kids to search them around the school and read it aloud together! Turkey bowling sounds fun too! Prepare the bowling pin in turkey looks. Use plastic bottles and make them up. Use the small pumpkin as the ball. Arrange the pins and let the kids throw the pumpkin ball one by one to play.

Use the autumn advent calendar as the prize. DIY with the plastic cups and cover them with tissue paper. Choose some fillers such as candies, small toys, a mini storybook, gratitude keychains, and more.  

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