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Updated on Oct 04, 2022
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Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils Pirate
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What tools are needed to create a pirate pumpkin with scarface?

In order to make this scary face pumpkin with a scar on it, by using a marker, sketch on the pumpkin's pirate face the necessary features: eyes, a mouth, and a scar (a horizontal line that is slanted and circles the pumpkin).

Cut the pumpkin in half along the scarring line. Toss the seeds after scooping them out. Fill the bottom portion of the rind with numerous half-toothpicks; then, restore the top portion of the skin by pressing firmly against the visible toothpicks to secure the two halves together.

Remove the eyes and lips, and cut an angled scar form to increase its visibility. A moist cloth should be used to remove any residual marker. Further along the length of the scar, make a series of parallel holes spaced a half-inch apart with a skewer or an awl.

By forming a U with a Q-tip, insert each end into two holes that are next to one another. Fill in any gaps you find and keep going. Insert half-toothpicks with olives on them into the eye holes. These pumpkins have a gruesome pirate visage on them.

How do you make pumpkin corny Jackie?

On a white pumpkin, use a highlighter to sketch a curving line for the mouth and two half-circles for the teeth. The bottom of the teeth, enlarging as necessary. Erase the skin from the teeth using a linoleum cutter.

Create the eyes by hot-gluing two black jelly beans onto the eyes. Add eyelashes and a nose made of candy corn using hot glue. In a basin of water, dunk dry corn husks that you may purchase at the grocery store, then spread them out for hair. Cut the moist material into strips of varying widths.

Roll a few pieces and fasten using paper clips to create curling parts. Apply hot glue to the tip of each husk strip, wrapping around the stem, and attach with straight pins as necessary.

A bow is created by folding three corn husk strips in half, wrapping them at the ends with another strip, and hot-gluing them together.

Printable Pumpkin Stencils Pirate
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How do you create a pumpkin pirate ship?

Select a round pumpkin to act as the primary core of the ship for your project. A little sweet pumpkin is changed into a daring pirate wearing a material cowboy hat and eye patch.

Another jack-be-little pumpkin is carved and pierced atop the tower as a crow's nest, which would be a structure in the top parts of the primary mast for use as a lookout point.

What you will require:

  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Jack-be-little
  • A pirate ship model
  • Grease pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape masking
  • A keyhole saw
  • Fleshing device
  • 1/2-inch T pins with a hole cutter
  • No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 bladed linoleum cutter
  • Awl Board of Foam
  • Two wood dowels
  • Various candies



  1. The pumpkin should be placed on its own side on a sturdy, smooth workpiece surface. Get templates to print. Remove any extra template material by trimming it with scissors.

    Masking tape should be used to attach the design to the pumpkin, and the sails should be traced on the top half. To make the template fit the cone shape of the pumpkin, create slits all around it and overlap them.

    Draw the main section of the ship using a grease pencil, paying attention to tiny details like holes cut and artistic lines. (Tip: Use a light touch when marking with the pencil. Acetone will take the marks out.) Remove the template, but retain a copy nearby for your records.

  2. Sails and the upper portion of the ship's body can be cut out using a keyhole saw; keep the cutouts. Seeds, stringy pulp, and a thin layer of flesh should be removed from the inside of the pumpkin using a fleshing tool. Extra flesh should also be removed.

    Use the linoleum cutter to cut ornamental lines, portholes, and other tiny elements. On one sail, etch the sign of the skull and crossbones. The jack-be-little pumpkin will become a crow's nest if you etch fancy lines into it.

  3. Create a piece of foam board with a keyhole saw that suits the pumpkin's half opening and sits snuggly within the pumpkin's bottom. A stabilizing platform for the wooden-dowel masts will be provided by this foam board cutout, as you may have noticed. After that, poke two holes into the foam board and two holes into each sail using an awl.

    By pressing them through to the pumpkin's bottom, attach wooden dowels into the holes in the foam board. Two sails per dowel should be skewered, as well as the engraved crow's nest on the upper edge of the dowel towards the front.

  4. Add optional personal touches, such as your preferred treasure-themed sweets or a tiny pirate pumpkin.

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