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Updated on May 01, 2023
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Banksy Rat Stencil Printable
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Who is Banksy?

Banksy is a street artist. Many of his works have appeared in various countries around the world. All of Banksy's works of art convey important values.

However, no one knows who Banksy really is. This is because this artist always hides behind his anonymity. Even when he made global headlines, Banksy kept his true identity hidden.

Why Does Banksy Keep His Identity A Secret?

Because it is so famous, many people are willing to pay a high price to be able to get an original work from Banksy. With the beauty of his paintings and the anonymity of him, many people are attracted to Banksy's works. Banksy is known for his anonymity, so he continues to hide his identity.

What Kind of Artwork Has Banksy Made?

Not only appearing on the streets, Banksy's works have also been sold at various auctions. However, his identity was never confirmed. When his artwork is published, Banksy always uploads his work on his Instagram. Most of these works are themed on social and political issues.

However, there is one fact which states that Banksy comes from Bristol, a city in Great Britain. He first made his street art work in 1990. Then, he finally turned his work into arts with social and political themes until he became famous as today.

One of Banksy's most famous murals is The Mild Mild West. It was created by Banksy in 1999. The work was made at Stokes Croft Bristol. The Mild Mild West depicts a teddy bear throwing a bomb at three policemen. That street painting was done by Banksy over three days.

Then, Banksy started visiting cities around the world. Examples are New York, Paris, and Bethlehem. There, he opened the Walled Off Hotel which was inaugurated in 2017. In the same year, Banksy also created the Dismaland Bemusement Park, which is located at Weston Super Mare.

Why is Banksy's Artwork So Iconic?

Among other mural artists, Banksy is the most famous. All of Banksy's works have also become iconic in various countries of the world. What exactly is the reason why Banksy's street art is iconic?

  1. Unique

    The first thing that made Banksy's art famous was his unique graffiti style. Many of his art seem controversial and relate to social facts. He combines many elements in each of his paintings.

  2. Mysterious

    Banksy is not only a graffiti artist, but also a film director and political activist. However, Banksy never revealed his true identity. That is what makes many people curious about Banksy and increasingly interested in his artworks.

  3. Expensive

    Limited edition art from Banksy sold at very high prices. That's what made Banksy so famous. The reason is, he is an artist who paints murals on the streets but his works are bought by collectors at high prices.

  4. Exhibition

    Many of Banksy's arts have been shown in various exhibitions in many countries. He also made a documentary in 2005 entitled Exit Through the Gift Shop. The documentary was a huge success and made Banksy's arts more popular.

Banksy Rat Stencil Printable
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What are the Famous and Most Expensive Artworks of Banksy in the World?

Being one of the well-known artists, many of Banksy's artworks have fantastic value. Here are 6 famous and most expensive works of Banksy that have been bought by many collectors.

  1. Devolved Parliament

    In his work entitled Devolved Parliament, Banksy describes the House of Commons in England. All the politicians in the House of Commons are described as a group of chimpanzees who are having a debate. So, there is a satirical message to politicians in this Banksy's work.

  2. Love is in the Bin

    Another famous Banksy work that once sold at a high price is Love is in the Bin. This is Banksy's most iconic work among other works. In 2018, this painting sold for $14 million.

  3. Show Me the Monet

    Banksy's work entitled Show Me the Monet shows us about the environmental damage caused by industry. In this painting, Banksy tries to convey a message about how industry destroys the beauty of nature.

  4. Sale Ends Today

    Sale Ends Today is also one of Banksy's classic art. This work is Banksy's way of criticizing consumer culture. In the painting, there are several people who are praying and holding a sign selling signs. It shows the desire of the people to get goods continuously.

  5. Love is in the Air

    Not only Love is in the Bin, Banksy's other work entitled Love in the Air is also the most famous work in the world. In the painting, Banksy depicts a male demonstrator throwing a bouquet of flowers. The painting is very mysterious, because usually demonstrators will throw other objects at the police. This work sold for $12.9 million in 2021.

  6. Subject to Availability

    It is also one of Banksy's most expensive works. This painting depicts climate change, pollution, and global warming in a beautiful landscape. That painting was first shown to the public in 2009 in Bristol. It is also one of the ten most popular works by Banksy at auction.

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