Numbers 1 10 Printable Worksheet

Feb 17, 2011
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Numbers 1 10 Printable Worksheet

Numbers 1 10 Printable Worksheet

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How do I teach my child numbers 1 10?

Before we download numbers 1-10 worksheet for our kids, it will be better if we introduce basic numbers. Usually, we choose the number of 1-10. When we are teaching them this, we actually introduce all kinds of digit numbers and one number that contains two digits. When we count from 1-10, it will be better to start from 1 instead of 0. It's because the 0 will appear when we recite "10".
Then, we can involve songs. Songs are proven that makes the memorizing process better. It's because when they are singing, they associate the lessons with the lyrics and tones. Plus, they actually don't realize that they are engaged with the lessons very well because they also recite the lessons when singing.

After that, don't forget to ask kids to move their fingers. Ask them to raise their point finger when saying "one". This also helps memorizing better because we involve physical activity. So, all the elements of learning, including audio, visual, and physical stuff.

What is rote counting?

We may have heard teachers or ourselves encourage our kids to recite the numbers of 1-10 sequentially. Without noticing it, what we have done is actually a rote counting. This is the most basic concept of learning numbers with kids. Before kids exercise with numbers 1-10 worksheet, it is definitely they have been taught to name every number 1-10 sequentially. So, definitely, all kids that learn with numbers 1-10 worksheet, they experienced rote counting first. When we want to start this, we don't really need a complicated order or instruction. We just let them imitate what we say and memorize each number sequentially from 1-10.

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What is recognition number?

When we teach our kids with numbers 1-10 worksheet printable, we actually develop their recognition number skills. However, again, there are so many tiny little things yet important when it comes to learning numbers with kids. Number recognition skills refers to the skills that encourage kids to use their ability to notice all numerical things. When they write numbers on numbers 1-10 worksheet, it improves their recognition numbers because they see the form of the numbers, they imitate it, then they try to understand how to write and know the value of the numbers. The engagement of exercising recognition number skills when it comes to learning with numbers 1-10 numbers are better for the advanced lessons. It is because they don’t only be a passive learner, for instance listening to the lessons, but they also put their struggle to understand the lessons they have then they apply it in the numbers 1-10 worksheet as a form of exercising if recognition number skills.

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