20 To Positive And Negative Number Line Printable

Jan 16, 2011
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Number Line with Negative and Positive
Number Line with Negative and Positivedownload

What is a positive and negative number line?

It is a horizontal line that contains the numbers, starting from the negative numbers to positive numbers. The line is actually an infinitive line, in which there is no strict rule which number is used to start and to end the line. If we determine a 20 to positive and negative number line, then the number to start the line is -20. The number of 20 is the end of the number line. The main concept is the left side has the lower number and vice versa. Every number has the marker on the line. It makes pointing the numbers easier and more precise.

What are the benefits of using a number line?

If we decide to use 20 to positive and negative number line, here are the advantages:
1.    Improves the higher level of learning math.
2.    The numbers actually become more varied. This means that they learn more advanced math. Even it’s shown in an easy way as simple as a line, but the introduction to the numbers will be farther and the math operations that can be done using this can be more complicated.
3.    Increases the ability to understand the positive and negative number.
4.    The schoolers already began the lesson of math operations in the form of positive numbers. However, in daily life, there are kinds of negative numbers that need to be solved. To understand how negative numbers work in math operations, they firstly need to be introduced to the negative numbers too.
5.    Improves reversed thinking skills.
6.    Since the negative numbers are the opposite of positive numbers, the result of math operations can be different from learning operations in the positive numbers. The negative numbers can also affect the symbol of operations. So, the result is also impacted.


Negative Number Line Printable
Negative Number Line Printabledownload
Integer Number Line Printable
Integer Number Line Printabledownload
Number Line with Negatives
Number Line with Negativesdownload

What are the rules of positive and negative numbers in operations?

Here are things to remember when operating using positive and negative symbols:
1.    If there is no sign before the number, it means the number is positive, such as 11 means +11.
2.    Adding the positive numbers are actually just as simple as a basic addition, same goes with subtracting the negative numbers.
3.    Adding negative numbers in positive numbers means subtracting positive numbers. For example, 10+(-8) equals 10-8. The result of both operations is 2.
4.    Subtracting negative numbers in positive numbers means adding positive numbers. We can see that 11-(-7) is the same as 11+7. Both operations have 18 as the result.

To simplify, if the symbol is unlike, then it becomes a negative sign. Also, if the symbol is the same, then the sign turns into positive.

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