Number Flashcards 1 100 Printable

Jul 28, 2012
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Number Flashcards 1 100 Printable

Number Flashcards 1 100 Printable

Printable Number Flash Cards
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How to teach the kids to count to 100?

Counting for us might be easy. It’s not a difficult task. Instead it is the easiest task. However, for the kids, that problem would be different. It can be very hard especially if they don’t understand the numbers yet. However, you can’t just let it happen, right? In this case, you need to teach them how to count to at least 100. And how is that? Well, don’t worry. There are some tips for you to teach your kids how to make them memorize the numbers better. If you want to know, just read it below:

1.       Use accessible medium

Use accessible items at your home that your kids can count such as beans, chips, or anything else.

2.       Group the items

Let’s group the items so your kids can count it easily. You can start from 10 for the example. So, it would be 10 chips or 10 beans and repeat it until they got 100.

3.       Make 10 groups of 10 items

This is what I told you before. After you group the items, let’s make 10 groups of it. Now, ask your kids to count all the 10 groups.

4.       Group the items into 5

Now, let’s see if the items are placed 5 per groups, do they still count until 100? Well, this is the next step learning. So, make sure your kids are ready to step into this way.

5.       Group the items into 2

This is the hardest past or you can say the highest level that your kids should achieve. After they success to count from 5 groups item, next they should count from 2 groups items. If they can do it, give a gift to make them happy.

Large Printable Numbers 1 100
Large Printable Numbers 1 100download
Printable Number Cards 1-20
Printable Number Cards 1-20download
Printable Number Flash Cards
Printable Number Flash Cardsdownload
Printable Preschool Number Flash Cards
Printable Preschool Number Flash Cardsdownload
Printable Number Flash Cards 0 100
Printable Number Flash Cards 0 100download
Large Printable Numbers 1 100 Cards
Large Printable Numbers 1 100 Cardsdownload


Does number flashcards 1-100 can helps students learn to count?

Number flashcards 1-100 is a perfect tool to help students learn to count. Well, you won’t always use your chips or beans to teach your kids, right? So, you need to find another better tool. Number flashcard is the best tool since they provide 1-100 card numbers that can help the kids recognize numbers easily. If you’re a teacher, this item should be on your class. It can be very helpful for you and the students. Moreover, you can get it easily on the Internet. If you want, you can also make it yourself with DIY tutorials you can find on the Internet.

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