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Jan 24, 2022
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Fundations Alphabet Sound Card
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What is the phonics alphabet?

Phonics alphabet is a relation owned by sounds and writing. When you write, you will say it with sounds that are different from writing. This usually applies in English. By using the phonics method, this will help children learn to write and read at the same time. Phonics will help introduce pronunciation to children slowly. The more children get used to the phonics method, the more children can understand language well. In addition to English, there are several languages that implement phonics methods such as Arabic and Russian.

What age should you start phonics?

In order to understand phonics, you must understand the alphabet. When you can arrange letter by letter into a word, it's easier for you to understand the phonics of that word. Usually, learning the alphabet is done from preschool to kindergarten (around 2-4 years old) so that at around the age of 5 you can start learning phonics. Learning the alphabet is not only able to write it on paper but also can read it. Because phonics will involve the reading process. Phonics will be a big part of everyone's life therefore phonics is taught from a young age.

What are some phonics activities?

When it comes to children, the kind of activities that can involve the phonics method are games. Choose activities that look like playing, but in fact you are teaching the phonics method. You can use sound card fundations as playing media. Fundations sound cards are cards that contain phonics from word to word in each card. You can find it easily on the internet or buy fundations sound cards that are sold in school supplies stores. By using sound card fundations, the teacher can interact directly with children while doing phonics activities.

Fundations Letter-Sound Cards
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Fundations Alphabet Cards Printable
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Fundations Letter-Sound Cards Printable
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Fundations Digraph Soundcards
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Fundations Large Sound Cards
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Fundations Flashcards Printable
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How do you teach using fundations sound cards?

There is FUN in fundations sound cards. That is the key to successfully teaching by using sound card fundations. In each card, there will be a wrong sentence and the correct sentence to say. You can use sound card fundations as part of guessing games. If you teach on a large scale, you can write the contents of sound card fundations on the board and ask which one is right. When a child succeeds in answering correctly, you might be able to give him a reward so that the other child is also more eager to understand the contents of the sound card fundations that you write on the board.

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