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Feb 19, 2022
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What are alphabet books for preschoolers?

Books always become the source of learning for everyone. When it comes to preschoolers learning, an alphabet book is the crucial one to have. There are many kinds of alphabet books you can choose for your kids. Here are some alphabet books along with the author’s names.

An Alphabet Salad written by Sarah L. Schuette. This alphabet book provides an explanation of veggies and fruits.

If you seek alphabet books with animals as the content, you can go with Creature ABC written by Andrew Zuckerman. This kind of book consists of a nice background which can make the kids happier in learning the alphabet.

I Spy Letters written by Jean Marzollo makes the kids search the image and learn about the alphabet through it. Introduce your kids to dinosaurs through D is for Dinosaur by Todd Chapman. This book will show the kids giant dinosaurs which they cannot see in real life. It is such a great book to learn the alphabet while also introducing the kids to types of dinosaurs.

If you seek an alphabet book about delicious things, then The Yummy Alphabet Book is a great choice. The book by Jerry Pallotta consists of the letters that define foods. For the book about flower types, you can choose one of the books by Jerry Pallotta named The Flowers Alphabet Book.

Other books you can consider are Bugs A to Z written by Caroline Lawton, The Letters are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst, Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert, and so on.

How do you play the fun match alphabet?

After teaching the kids the alphabet, you might need the tools to test them. Matching the alphabet is such a good option. There are many styles you can work with a matching worksheet. Let’s get to the details!

To make the kids familiar with the uppercase letter by matching them. Provide the sheet that consists of the scrambled alphabet in two lines. All kids have to do is make the line between them to connect with each other.

Matching the upper and lower case will be great too. Alphabet lower and upper case sometimes become confusing for kids. Therefore, making them familiar with it is a must. In this worksheet, kids have to match the alphabet in upper and lower case.

Using the things for the matching worksheet is such a good idea. You can create a worksheet that makes kids have to match the things with its initial. For example, you provide the picture along with its vocabulary. Attach also the alphabet to the sheet and instruct kids to match the picture along with the alphabet that defines its initial.

Using the object for the alphabet can be done in another style. In this worksheet, you can include pictures and words. Kids have to match the word in the picture with the letters that form the words. If the kids already know the vocabulary, you can just attach the picture and let the kids match the picture with the letters.

Those are how you can arrange a fun match worksheet in an alphabet theme. Choose the style that is in line with your students and let them have fun learning!

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How can I teach kids sight words?

Teaching the kid's sight words is all about reminding them. The sight words actually the ones that kids use n daily life. That’s what is called the reminding. Therefore, you might come up with the sight words activities to make them more engaged with it. Let’s get to the details!

Using the map and driving it activity is definitely genius. Provide the Lego bricks along with a car toy. Let the kids write the letters and drive the car to read them. Find and swat the words could be so much more interesting. In this activity, you can serve some sight word cutouts along with the fly swatter. Let the kids find the words and swat them using the fly swatter.

Having a sight word band will make the kids more enthusiastic. Prepare the sight words card and the drum set from kitchenware. Let the kids smash the kitchenware intended for the sight words you read. Writing the words in a sensory bag suits me well for preschoolers. Prepare the sensory bags. Using raw rice sounds great. Say a word and let the kids write on it.

Other activities you can perform for kids to learn sight words are using a magnetic-tile board game, feeding the monster box with sight words, searching the ball under the sight word cups, and many more.

Select the activities that suit well for your students and let them learn the sight words while also having fun!

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