Printable Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards

Jun 05, 2013
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Printable Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards

Printable Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards

Letter Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards PrintableLetter Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards Printabledownloadvia

What are alphabet flash cards?

It is a teaching property that helps children to recognize letters and words. Commonly, this card only shows a one letter and one word example that uses this letter as the first letter.


What are differences between alphabet flash cards and alphabet charts?

Alphabet charts show all the letters in a table. This helps to introduce every single letter to kids in general so that they feel familiar. Meanwhile, alphabet flash cards help them to learn letters by letters intensively. Usually, in a single lesson, there are several letters that have to be introduced. Thus, alphabet flash cards suit this method the best.


What are the benefits of alphabet flash cards?

1.       Picks the letters for early lessons easily

Letters that are commonly picked in the beginning are letters that have higher frequency of usage, such as e, t, and a. This can simplify the process of familiarizing with the letters. To make it more habituated, we can pick the lower case alphabet flash cards. The lower case letters also tend to appear in texts more.

2.       Sped up memorizing skills

Since the shape and the provided information is simple and compact, things that should be memorized become easier. So, it doesn’t need too long of a time. Plus, this also makes them save the information for long-term. This also helps to hold the information longer because flashcards can activate the brain to improve learning skills.

3.       Triggers memories quickly

When we take a peek at the flashcards, we unintendedly mention the information fast. This “active recall” phenomenon can strengthen the neuron connections for tracing memory.

4.       Simplifies adding vocabularies

Since the provided information in cards is compact and without context, it makes them memorize words without any burden to match to the situation.

Lower Case Alphabet CardsLower Case Alphabet Cardsdownloadvia
Alphabet Upper and Lower Case Letters Flash CardsAlphabet Upper and Lower Case Letters Flash Cardsdownloadvia
Printable Lower Case Alphabet LettersPrintable Lower Case Alphabet Lettersdownloadvia
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Letter Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards PrintableLetter Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards Printabledownloadvia
Printable Lower Case Alphabet Flash CardsPrintable Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cardsdownloadvia

How to use alphabet flash cards?

There are some ways to use alphabet flash cards to make it more fun:

1.       Hunt items that use the same first letter with the given alphabet card. For instance, if we got an R on our flashcard, we can grab “rings”.

2.       Give some pictures or items and name the spellings by arranging the alphabet flash cards.

3.       Use alphabet cards to play word scramble. Since they are beginners, make sure the shuffled letters are not too many.

4.       Guess the words that use certain letters as the first letter. For example, A is for “Ant”.

5.       Describe the shape of a certain letter and let them guess what the letter is, then they need to pick the guessed letter. We can start with, “what is the letter that only has one line?”

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