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Feb 07, 2011
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Printable Numbers 1 30
Printable Numbers 1 30download

Why do kids have to learn using large numbers?

The deal of learning large numbers for kids to know is because it is a basic of arithmetic. At an early age kids might have not noticed, or even ourselves, that learning large numbers can involve understanding economic, political and scientific issues. It is a long journey for them to know more than 2 digits large numbers to 3 digits numbers. Kids will be introduced to large numbers starting from large numbers 1-30 to 1-50, especially when they are still in early grade. Gradually later 3 digits large numbers were added to their arithmetic dictionary. Besides, there are many ways to explain about teaching large numbers and its value.

How to create a unique large numbers learning?

Kids, especially those who have been at school from 2 years old to 3 years old, need a fun activity that can also make them observe about many skills to obtain. Therefore, teachers and parents need to take an active part in developing their skills. Underlined notes for all parents and teachers, however children have their pace in obtaining them. Teachers and parents as educators can create an activity with simple tools like your kids Lego set or animal farm set. Learning large numbers 1-30 by counting the animal feet in the farm not only helps them to recognize numbers but also develop their math concepts in counting, classifying and grouping. You can also be involved in drawing numbers together using a huge paper and make a model of large numbers shapes for your children to follow.

Printable Number Flash Card 1
Printable Number Flash Card 1download
Printable Numbers 1 20
Printable Numbers 1 20download
Printable Numbers 1-10
Printable Numbers 1-10download
Printable Number 1 Stencil
Printable Number 1 Stencildownload
Large Printable Number Flash Cards
Large Printable Number Flash Cardsdownload
Number Grid 1 30
Number Grid 1 30download
Printable Numbers 1 10
Printable Numbers 1 10download

What children can do with large numbers?

When children understand about large numbers, they will notice that there are more million numbers involved than involved with small and large numbers. By knowing what and how large numbers connected with each other numbers in the system, they grow a sense in quantity. As it is not only in written language, these basic numbers recognition moreover goes to understanding in alphabetical writing of large numbers. From an early young age it is important to learn about these because all these basics will be involved in our daily lives. In counting money, time, value and even places. When children have troubles in recognizing small and large numbers, this will cause a bit of hassle for them when it comes to number arrangement or to more complex mathematical problems based on what subject they need to solve.

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