Large Printable Bubble Letters M

Mar 30, 2021
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Large Printable Bubble Letters M
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Printable Bubble Letters M
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What is Meant by Graffiti?

Graffiti comes from the Italian language, graffito. It is an inscription or drawing made on the surface of any object, but usually on a wall. Graffiti is a way to express artistic expression. Graffiti can be words or elaborate murals.

Therefore, graffiti is part of art. Graffiti has been done since ancient times. This is evidenced by the discovery of graffiti in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire.

Different from ancient times, modern graffiti is made using markers or paint. Meanwhile, the images created can be of various kinds, depending on the imagination of the graffiti maker. The letters used also have several types. Some of them are below.

  • Brush: This is a cool and different type of graffiti font compared to other types. This font features a rough brush. It makes the font look natural. This font consists of four paint splashes and 22 brushes.

  • Acids: Another font type is acids. By using this graffiti font, you will see a little trippy effect. This font is a combination of OpenType and bold. So, the impression that is highlighted is the impression of fun and full of energy.

  • Film Flom: This is a classic graffiti type. This font can be used for a variety of creative projects. So, if you want to make graffiti but are confused about choosing a good font, just use this font because it can be used for various purposes.

  • Mingser: Another font is mingser. This font has a cool calligraphic style. This is suitable to be used as a complement to the texture of your graffiti project design. However, we recommend it be used as the font for your project title.


Of course, there are other types of graffiti fonts. One of them is bubble letter graffiti. What's that?


What is Bubble Letter Graffiti?

Bubble letter is a type of graffiti font that gives an expressive and fun impression. The font looks big like a bubble. The inventor of bubble letter graffiti is Lonny Wood. He is also known as Phase 2.

Lonny Wood is the most famous graffiti artist in New York. His name is increasingly known by many people when he succeeded in making bubble letters.

Wood started to make graffiti in 1971. He made graffiti throughout the city of New York. Meanwhile, he only made the graffiti bubble letters for one year. Since he introduced the bubble letter, the font is used by other graffiti artists around the world.

Wood is a graffiti artist who makes many abstract designs. Then, he joined United Graffiti Artists in 1970. That made all of his work attract the attention of a lot of media. This also affected Wood's career.


How to Make Bubble Letters?

How to make bubble letters is actually easy to do. So, there is no basis or standard for making these letters. You can teach making simple bubble letters to children in these ways.

  • Prepare paper and pencil. Then, ask the children to make a sketch out of the letter A.
  • Then, the children have to thicken the outside of that letter. The ends should be round.
  • After that, delete the sketch in the middle.
  • Do the same way for the other letters.

Large Printable Letter M
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What are the Functions of Graffiti?

Actually, graffiti has the main function as a medium for expression and conveys messages to the public through writing and paintings on the walls. However, its special function is as follows.

  • The language used for a particular group.
  • Express dissatisfaction with social conditions.
  • Express fear of socio-political situations.


Graffiti has existed since the 1970s in Europe and America. Eventually, this art developed in various urban areas and became part of certain groups there.

Initially, graffiti was considered not good because it only gave bad writing or pictures. The reason is, graffiti is considered to be able to cause conflict between groups so it has a negative impact on the city.

However, graffiti has experienced many developments and has become a way to show creativity and moral messages to the public. That's what makes graffiti creators called artists. Now, you can find graffiti in various urban areas such as subway walls.

The graffiti that you often see now is more aimed at conveying a message of change and criticism of the government. With graffiti in public spaces, messages will be conveyed more quickly to many people.

Graffiti emphasizes the composition of shapes, colors, volumes, and lines. Not just writing or pictures, graffiti also contains various types of symbols. However, there are still many people who think that graffiti is the same as a mural.

Even though graffiti contains pictures or symbols, the main thing about graffiti is the writing and the use of spray paint. Meanwhile, the paint used to make murals is usually wall paint and wood paint, or any type of coloring paint. Apart from that, the main thing of the mural is the picture, not the writing.

So, the use of fonts is not important in mural art. Meanwhile, fonts are the main thing in graffiti art. Therefore, a mural must contain a unique image or painting. So, conveying messages in murals is through pictures, and conveying messages in graffiti is through writing.

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