6 Inch Printable Bubble Letters

Mar 02, 2022
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Printable Bubble Letter C
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What are the bubble letters?

It is actually a kind of lettering style that creates a puffy, bulging, and curvy look of letters. These shapes make the letters look like a bubble. That is why we call it bubble letters.


What is the origin of the bubble letters?

Even though we can easily download 6 inch bubble letters template, this lettering style has a history behind it. The bubble letters are commonly recognized in street art or graffiti. The other name of this kind of lettering is softies. The first person who invented bubble letters is Michael Lawrence Marrow. He is known as PHASE 2. He was an aerosol paint artist in America, based in New York City. He started inventing softies in late 1972. He also created various kinds of bubble letters, including Phasemagorical Phantastic that stands for bubble letters with stars, Bubble Cloud, and Bubble Drip.


How do I write bubble letters?

Here are following steps to create bubble letters:

1.       Start writing a big-sized letter on a piece of paper using a pencil.

Usually, the best choice to do a bubble lettering is using uppercase letters. It’s because uppercase letters tend to have bigger size than the lowercase one. The bigger the size, the bigger the space. It helps us to move our hands flexibly when making bubble letters.

2.       Draw a seamless and rounded line that surrounds the letters

This step really determines how the final form of bubble letters will be. Be as seamless as we can. The rounder the line, the puffier the result.

3.       Sketch a small circle, triangle, or any shape that looks similar to the hole of those letters.

If there is a hole or two in the letters, such as A, B, D, or O letters, draw a small hole that imitates the origin letters. This will define the letters so that they are readable even though the shape of the letters is modified.

4.       Thicken the rounded line by using permanent markers

Make sure when we use the markers, the line is not overlapping. This can make the rounded line not neat and seamless. This step is a sign that we finalize our lettering. We can’t undo it. Be careful.

5.       Remove the excess of pencil marks

Be as clean as we can so that the letters we create are spotless.

6 Inch Letter Stencils Printable
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Printable Bubble Letters
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How do you shade in bubble letters?


Here are steps to make bubble letters don’t look flat:

1.       Imagine where the light comes from

We can use a flashlight and direct it to an object. If we do that from the top right position, then the shadow will appear on the bottom left side. If the light comes from the top left corner, the shadow comes on the bottom right side. The key is when the direction of the shadow is the opposite of where the light comes. Imagine this when we want to add shadows on our bubble letters.

2.       Outline the shadow that we get

The outline helps to measure the right size of the shadows. They can’t be overlapped or bigger than the bubble letters themselves.

3.       Add black or darker color to fill the outline

This helps to define a bold and solid shadow. The key of creating shadows is to be as contrast as we can so that the shadows are visible.

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