Large Printable ABC Flash Cards

Jul 09, 2011
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Large Printable ABC Flash Cards

Large Printable ABC Flash Cards

Large Printable Alphabet Flash Cards
Large Printable Alphabet Flash Cardsdownload


Are ABC flashcards only contains ABC’s letter?

Since ABC is the first 3 letters in the alphabet row, it will be easier to call it ABC as a title. Even so, not only the letters ABC are in the flashcards. Flashcards that contain ABC will of course contain all letters of the alphabet. For children who are the first to recognize letters will usually be introduced to these three letters. Therefore ABC is more familiar to be used as a title.

Why using large ABC flashcards?

In letters, known as large letters (uppercase) and there are known as small letters (lowercase). Even though they describe the same letter, the shape of the two types of letters is different. For children, it will be easier to recognize large letters because of the shape it will be easier to memorize and also made during writing practice. ABC flashcards that become learning media also apply this. By providing a large version of ABC on flashcards, it can educate the differences between the two types of letters. Flashcards are made to help sharpen memory in the brain. So it doesn't matter when you have taught the difference between large and small ABC from an early age, because it will be useful for children when they have set foot in school.

Where I can find large ABC flashcards?

Almost all flashcards that contain alphabet apply large and small ABC in it. You can find it in bookstores that sell school supplies and also search online for delivery directly to your home. But if you insist on wanting literally large ABC flashcards, you can find it in your home by making it on your own hands. You can customize anything with the ABC flashcards if you make them yourself.

Printable ABC Flash Cards
Printable ABC Flash Cardsdownload
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How to learn fruit with ABC flashcards?

There are many examples of words that use ABC in it. Because words do consist of the alphabet. If you want your child to become an expert with ABC letters, you can make him string words. So the child will understand which letters are used to form the word. Another way is the opposite. look around your interest in children. For example fruit. You can give the name of the fruit to the child and ask to use the alphabet on the flashcards to become a fruit name. Give rewards to children when they succeed by eating fruit together. This will certainly be a very fun activity to spend with children.

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