Printable Color Print Christmas Cards

May 20, 2013
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Printable Color Print Christmas Cards

Printable Color Print Christmas Cards

Printable Christmas Coloring Cards Kids
Printable Christmas Coloring Cards Kidsdownload

When Did Trend of Hanging Stockings Start?

The trend of hanging stockings started in the mid-1800s. Stockings were hung near the fireplace, in the hopes that at one night, Santa Claus would come from the chimney to give presents. The origin of Christmas stocking itself is dated back to 280 A.D. That original Santa Claus or St. Nicholas was highly dedicated to the poor people. He gave the presents at night, so kids wouldn't find out who the patron was. Another story said that there was a man who turned into poverty. He worried about the future of his daughters because he couldn't provide anything for their wedding party. One day, St. Nicholas fell the presents at this man's house and later the girls found out the boxes in the stockings.

Are There Any Rules to Fill Christmas Stockings?

There are no strict rules on what to fill Christmas Stockings. But, there is a tradition of placing orange inside each Christmas stockings. It first came from the story of three maides who received a ball of gold in each of their stockings. They were going to use the gold to pay for their wedding, as their father fell into poverty. Thus, putting an orange in a Christmas stocking represents the gold that was found by the women.

Printable Christmas Coloring Cards
Printable Christmas Coloring Cardsdownload
Printable Christmas Cards Kids to Color
Printable Christmas Cards Kids to Colordownload
Merry Christmas Cards Coloring Pages
Merry Christmas Cards Coloring Pagesdownload
Printable Christmas Coloring Cards
Printable Christmas Coloring Cardsdownload
Kids Christmas Cards Printables
Kids Christmas Cards Printablesdownload

When Did Santa Claus Become Popular?

His appearance became popular when groups of Dutch families celebrated the anniversary of his death in America in 1774. The name Santa Claus evolved from the Dutch form of Sinterklaas, the short form Sint Nikolaas. But, in 1809, a historian named Washington Irving popularized the story of Santa Claus in his 'The History of New York' book. He mentioned that this figure had a mischievous but kind look and wore a red waistcoat, triangular blue hat, and yellow stockings. He actually related this man's description with St. Nicholas, the patron saint. One more literary work helped to emerge the Santa Claus trend. In Clement Clarke Moore's 'Twas The Night Before Christmas', Santa Claus was captured as an old elf who of joy.

Can I Use Christmas Card Template as a Gift?

You absolutely can use the Christmas card template as a gift! Whether you send it directly or through social media, there is the joy of decorating a Christmas card. Especially when your friend has artistic traits, it would be the best present they have ever received. You can get the inspiration online or from readings. For busy parents, it will help them saving time to buy coloring books and Christmas cards. You will inspire their Christmas holiday activity since we don't want a boring and lousy party, do we?

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