Large Christmas Stencils Printables

Updated on Dec 13, 2022
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Large Christmas Stencils Printables
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Printable Christmas Stencil Templates
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What are Christmas Stencils? 

Christmas stencils are some stencils with a Christmas theme that can be used for so many purposes from cake decorating to wood decorations making. The stencils are not only helpful for people who don't know how to draw by hand but also make the working process a lot faster even for artistic people who know how to paint. They are perfect to use if you need to make a lot of Christmas decorations. You can create a lot of similar designs with the same size and shape so you can get your work done easily and neatly. 

How to Use a Christmas Stencil?

You can use a Christmas stencil the same way you use other stencils. Stencils usually come in a printed design. You need to cut out the design creating a negative space on the paper that you can use. You can use the stencils depending on what you want to make. If you want to make cake decorations, put the stencils on top of the cake as a guide for you to put the icing. If you want to make a wooden Christmas decoration, you can place the stencils on top of the woods and then paint the woods using any paints of your choice. 

How to make a Christmas Stencil?

Making a Christmas Stencil is easier than you may think. You can make it on Microsoft Word using ClipArt. Insert the Christmas ClipArt to the document and adjust the size until you are happy with it. When you have all of the designs laid down, you can print them and cut them out. You can also make Christmas stencils using a designing program. You can insert some shapes and clipart. You can also import some pictures from your computer. Another way to create a stencil is by drawing the design directly to the paper and cutting it off. 

Printable Christmas Window Stencils
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What are The Most Common Designs of Christmas Stencils?

There are a lot of common designs used to make Christmas stencils. If you want to get some of it, you have a wide range of variations of designs starting from Santa Claus, the Christmas Tree, Bells, Ribbons, Candy Cane, Deer, Presents, to snowflakes. There are also lettering stencil options for you if you want to make Christmas decorations that include some lettering such as "Merry Christmas" or any other Christmas message. There are also decorative elements available for you to complete your design.  

How do you set the living room while welcoming Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and time for house decorating. Start with decorating the living room, where your family will feel the cozy and warm vibes!

Set up the living room with Christmas-related decorations. Fill the couch with the character pillows like Santa or reindeer. Using the Christmas color will make your living room give more Christmas vibes.

Put a furry carpet on the floor. It gives a cozier and warmer living room for your family. The carpet will fit the special day if you use white color. It will radiate the cozy winter effect.

The mix of Christmas colors is a huge element to set up your living room. Combine the red and gold colors to bring a traditional effect. Decorate your tree with red and gold Christmas balls and ornaments.

How can I paint a Christmas tree with a fork?

Painting can be done with any tool, such as a paintbrush, pen, or even fork. A fork can be used as a replacement for a paintbrush to draw a Christmas tree.

Prepare a disposable fork, cotton buds, a piece of thick paper, and watercolor.  Green, red, and brown watercolors will be used the most.

Squeeze the few different shades of green to the palate. Sink the fork into the green color, then press toward the paper. Drag a straight line to paint a tree shape.

Make sure to draw a shorter line if you are painting the top of the tree. After the green part is done, paint the trunk a brown color.

Use the cotton buds to make the tree’s ornament with red, blue, or yellow colors. Your fork-painted Christmas tree is done!

How do you encourage children to paint?

Painting not only fills kids but me, but it also boosts their creativity, expresses their emotions, and explores many colors using their senses.

Introduce them to the equipment and its function. You can give them a tutorial to your kids so they will engage quickly

The kids should feel a pleasant feeling about the activity. Boost their experience by using many brushes and a lot of paper. Kids need to express their feeling well through painting. Give them the freedom to paint anything on their paper.

Respond to their drawing by giving a compliment, question, or opinion. You may ask why they use red to paint a cloud or give them a “Good job”.

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