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Mar 06, 2021
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Number Line 0-100 Printable
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What is the difference between real line and number line?

When we learn math, we can find the hundreds number line in our lessons, specifically on our 4th grade of 5th grade. Well, what we mean is the real number line. The real number line is the same as the number line. We can find a real number line in a form of hundreds of number lines too.

Actually, a real number line or we can call it simply a number line is a device that is used for mathematics lessons that provide us the sequence of real numbers. Since the name involves "lines", we can see that the arrangement of the real numbers is displayed with a certain point on the straight horizontal lines. 

What is the number line strategy?

Just like solving the mathematical problem, using a number line or specifically hundreds number line requires us to use strategy too. Well, the strategy that we can find in using the number line is to solve certain mathematical operations. Some of the common purposes of using hundreds of number lines are to visualize jumping or skipping numbers in a form addition or subtraction. The main function of the hundreds of number lines is to help children visualize or project the subtraction or the addition to find the difference between two or more numbers.

Printable Number Line 0 30
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How do you create a number line?

Keep in mind, when it comes to the number line, or specifically hundreds number line, we can find that the numbers that are used to begin and end the number line are unlimited. As long as it is hundreds multiplication, we can call it hundreds number line.

Simply, we can say that the numbers of the number line are infinitive. Well, we never understand until we try to draw the number line. Here are some steps to create number line:

  1. Prepare the following materials: a piece of paper, a pencil, a marker, a ruler, and an eraser.
  2. Download hundreds number line as a guideline to draw.
  3. Start creating a horizontal line on a piece of paper using a pencil.
  4. Then, create the points on the horizontal line to arrange the hundreds number at the same distance. Since the amount of the numbers is unlimited, we can add as many as we want, as long as it can show us numbers in hundreds of multiplication. Keep in mind, the right side shows the bigger number and vice versa.
  5. Put the numbers below the points.
  6. Thicken the lines, points, and numbers using a marker

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