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Jan 20, 2023
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Printable Number Line 1 20
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How do you teach numbers up to 20?

When it comes to preschoolers’ number learning, you will not able to instantly introduce the kids to a huge amount of numbers. The ideal ones would be 1 to 20. Teaching numbers to 20 can be done in a variety of ways, here are a few methods that may be effective:

  1. Counting aloud: Start by counting aloud with the child, using your fingers or other counting objects to help them visualize the numbers. Gradually increase the numbers until you reach 20.
  2. Number recognition: Use flashcards or worksheets to help the child learn the shape and formation of the numbers. Have them practice matching the numbers to the corresponding number words.
  3. Writing the numbers: Provide the child with tracing worksheets to help them learn the correct formation of numbers when they begin writing them on their own.
  4. Sequencing: Have the child arrange numbers in numerical order, starting with the smallest number and ending with the largest number.
  5. Counting with manipulatives: Provide counting bears, blocks, or other manipulatives and have the child use them to practice counting.
  6. Real-life examples: Utilize real-life examples such as counting items in a grocery store or counting the steps as you walk up a flight of stairs to help the child understand the concept of numbers in a practical way.
  7. Repetition: Repeat these activities multiple times to help the child to memorize the numbers and their order.


It is crucial to pay attention to which one method your kids would welcome in a good way. Try all of those and be sure to keep the ones that are effective for your kids. Make sure you do the test of each method and make them more engaged with it.

What are the fun ways to learn numbers?

Learning numbers should involve the fun side to make the learning to be enjoyable. There are many ways you can come up with this in order to create an engaging learning environment.

  1. Create or find songs and rhymes that help children learn the numbers and their order. With this, students will easily stick with the numbers and memorize each of them better.
  2. Do the scavenger hunt with hide numbers around the house or classroom and have children find them and match them to their corresponding number words.
  3. Create a bingo board with numbers and have children match the numbers called out to the numbers on their board.
  4. Make puzzles such as a jigsaw or match numbers to their corresponding number words. It is such a fun cognitive game that not only makes them master numbers but cognitive skills at the same time.
  5. Set up a charades number and have children act out numbers. Let their peers guess the number they are acting out.
  6. Involve cooking in learning. Make kids help you measure ingredients for a recipe and have them practice counting and measuring skills.
  7. Arranging a treasure hunt would be fun too. Create the numbers as clues and have children solve the clues to find the treasure.
  8. Draw a hopscotch board with numbers on the squares and have children hop on the numbers in numerical order.


In conclusion, creating a fun learning environment involves your creative thinking to come up with the ones that make your kids enjoy. Those ways still can be adjusted and elevated with your style in order to match your kid's needs.

Math Number Line to 20
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Printable Number Line 1 20
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How do you associate toys with number learning?

Toys can be a powerful tool for teaching. Even for learning numbers, you can associate them to make learning more fun and not boring. This can be an alternative for you to apply in the classroom.

Counting with manipulatives. Use toys such as counting bears, blocks, or other manipulatives to help children practice counting. Let them count the number of objects and match it to the corresponding number.

Create a set of cards with numbers on one side and corresponding number words on the other side. Instruct the kids to match the numbers to the number words using toy figures as representation.

If you have toy animals, blocks, or other objects, you can utilize them to help children practice simple addition and subtraction problems.

The toy geometrical shapes or other math manipulatives can be turned into a tool to let children practice more advanced mathematical concepts such as multiplication and division.

Use toys to act out number stories, such as “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, this way children learn the numbers while having fun.

It's important to keep in mind that you need to pay attention to your kid's learning style while seeing the ones that suit them. Stay creative in incorporating the toys in the learning process, and make it as fun as possible. Elaborate your style in the learning and match it with your kid's learning style. Let them have a fun time!

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