Halloween Printable Cupcake Boxes

Feb 07, 2015
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Printable Halloween Treat Boxes
Printable Halloween Treat Boxesdownload

How do you carry cupcakes to school?

Want to share your Halloween cupcakes treats with your kid’s friends at school? Try to pack them one by one in Halloween cupcake boxes, you can get them from your local store or make them yourself at home! Although you can stuff them into your Tupperware or a big cake box, it’s cuter to pack them one by one to carry cupcakes to school.

How do you make cupcake boxes?

Give the kids different treats for these Halloween. Instead of giving the mainstream candy, try to give them cupcakes! Maybe Halloween cupcakes tutorials are already flooded on google so you can pick one, but how to make interesting Halloween cupcake boxes for completing your cupcakes treats? Here’s how!

Making cupcakes is a great activity to kill time. To make a cupcake, you will be required to be careful, careful, and creative. Besides being creative in making cupcakes, you can also challenge yourself in making a cake box. The cake box can beautify the outer appearance of the cake as well as protect the cake during the trip. Like making cupcakes, you are also required to be careful and creative in making a cake box. Here are tips for making cupcake boxes without a lid.

Low part :

  1. Prepare a thick cardboard cloth.
  2. Draw a circle according to the size of your cake.
  3. Cut the cardboard according to the lines that have been made.
  4. Cover the carton with plastic wrapping paper so that it is not easily damaged.

Side part :

  1. Prepare bold colored or illustrated paper.
  2. Draw a long line with a curved shape like a large circle behind the colored paper.
  3. The thickness of the brackets is +/- 5 cm (according to the height of the cupcake).
  4. Cutting along the line.
  5. You can also edit the outside of the brackets to give the impression of waves. (The outside of the brackets will be the top edge of the cake wrapper).


  1. Glue the bottom with the sides.
  2. Wipe the glue on the outside so as not to poison the cupcakes.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the glued cupcake cake box. Hope this info was helpful.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes
Printable Halloween Treat Boxesdownload
Printable Halloween Cupcake Boxes
Printable Halloween Cupcake Boxesdownload
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Printable Halloween Designsdownload
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Will cupcakes stay fresh in a cardboard box?

Halloween party is over and have some leftover Halloween cupcake boxes and the cupcake inside it? Cupcakes that are not frozen can last for several days without the refrigerator. However, if you plan to re-decorate your cupcakes with frosting that requires the refrigerator, they can last a few days before serving. Before storing, it's best to let freshly baked cupcakes cool completely on a wire rack for at least an hour. The wire rack allows the bottom to cool down as well as the sides and top. If they are still warm, the cupcakes will continue to emit steam, which can make the tops of the cupcakes sticky when frozen. Place the cupcakes in a plastic storage bag or airtight container and store at room temperature. Cupcakes will retain their freshness as long as they don't lose moisture or change in temperature. If you've stored the cupcakes at room temperature and find the tops sticky, making them difficult to freeze, let them dry for an hour to dry a little.

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