Printable Halloween Cupcake Boxes

Updated on Aug 03, 2022
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Printable Halloween Cupcake Boxes
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Printable Halloween Treat Boxes
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How do you make cupcake boxes?

There are many stores online or offline that sell cupcake boxes. But Halloween cupcake boxes maybe can feel more special if you can make it yourself. Here’s a tutorial about how to make custom cupcake boxes with Halloween theme.

First, you've got to describe your package's internal dimensions. You have to measure the cupcakes, the toppers and decorations, and the spooky design for the outside of the box. I recommend you to measure various types of cupcakes and toppers because it could make you easier to decide the right size to contain your special Halloween cupcakes. If you wanted to make Halloween cupcake boxes that can hold many cupcakes, do not forget to measure the distances between the cupcakes.

Step two, once you set the dimensions, you can choose various shapes of cupcake boxes. You can search the raw design of various shapes of Halloween cupcake boxes to give you more ideas. Now, if you have chosen the shape, you can open an online packaging design website and insert the cupcake boxes’ shape, the cupcake boxes’ material (depends on your cupcake’s weight), and the previous measurement.

Step three, you might download the vector PDF from the online website after it has done and generating the dieline of your cupcake boxes.

For step four, you can print your vector PDF (and your spooky Halloween themed images for the outside of the boxes) on HVS paper and trim the excess paper. After it has trimmed, you can print the outline of your vector PDF with a marker and a blunt crafting knife on your chosen material, and fold the material to make the final shape of your cupcake boxes.

And the last step, stick the spooky Halloween themed images to the outside of your cupcake boxes, and your Halloween cupcake boxes are done!

Will cupcakes stay fresh in a cardboard box?

As long as the cardboard box has a lid and is placed in a cool dry place, it would last for a few days.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes
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How do you secure cupcakes in a box?

You can secure your cupcakes in a box using many things, but the most popular ways to keep your cupcakes secure is using a cupcake boxes insert. You can buy it at the nearest baking or packaging store, or at the online store, or make it yourself because it is pretty simple. You just need a poster board, a round circle cutter that could fit perfectly with your cupcakes, the box that you wanted to use, an Exacto knife, a ruler, and a scissor.

First, take your poster board and put your cupcake box on top of it, and trace around the box onto the poster board. And then, take a ruler and mark one inch around the line that you have traced. After it, gather all the marks and make it to be a line then cut out around the outside line and each corner. Now take your round circle cutter and trace around it. Make it as many as you need, and don’t forget to give a distance between each cupcake. Take your Exacto knife and cut slits into each circle. And now, take the ends of your cupcake boxes insert and fold it along into the inside line. Don’t forget to fold back the areas you cut in each circle. And now for the last step, turn it over and make sure everything looks good.

What kind of sweets you can provide at the Halloween party?

The spooky party is such a must agenda that hold on Halloween. Aside from the decoration, you also need to serve some treats for the guest. Due to the celebration, the treats need to be in a spooky theme too. Here are some spooky treats you can serve at your party.

Halloween theme cake would be such a great treat for your guest to enjoy. Decorate the cake with the spooky theme by adding some character toppers such as ghosts, bats, the tomb, and many more.

Halloween somehow relates to the apple. It’s due to the classic Halloween game tradition which involves apple bobbing on it. You can turn the apple into a Halloween treat by creating poisoned apples. Dip the fresh apple into the chocolate liquid and serve it with a stick.

Other treats you can serve at Halloween parties are Dead Velvet Cake, Ouija Board Cake, ghost cookies, and many more.

How can you make cupcakes with a Halloween theme?

Cupcakes include in one of the sweets that everyone loves. In terms of Halloween celebrations, it can be decorated with a scary theme. You can either place the spooky garnish or even create the spooky shape itself with the cupcakes.

Turn them into spooky jack o lanterns. In this design, you need a mixture of three shades of cream colors such as orange, green, and black. Skull can be the decoration to make your cupcakes spookiest.

Choose the skull chocolate candies and place them on. Don’t forget to accompany it with another spooky thing such as the tomb. Spider cupcake can be considered too. Place the Oreo cookie on the top and build the legs with chocolate cream to make a sweet yet eerie delight.

How can you arrange a candy bouquet?

If you need to arrange candy Halloween treats for your friends, a candy bouquet can be the one to consider. Here’s how you can arrange the candy bouquet.

Choose the candies first. You can select the candies that everyone loves such as Reese’s, KitKat, Snickers, and more. Provide other materials such as wooden skewers, hot glue, tape, ribbon, and bouquet paper.

Stick the candies into skewers one by one. Continue to arrange and tie all of the candies using the tape. Place the candies into the paper bouquet and wrap it. Don’t forget to tie the bouquet to make it firm. Lastly, layered the tie with ribbon as embellishment.

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