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Updated on Feb 16, 2022
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Printable Mailbox Template
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Is the mailman in U.S work on Sunday?

If you are referring to delivering your package or mail, in the U.S, especially the USPS (United States Postal Service) still on the go to get your items right on schedule. There are two kinds of delivery types going on the weekend: USPS Priority Mail Express or USPS Overnight and Amazon Packages.

The policies and priorities can differ within other mail services. So if you happen to need things to deliver right away, take some plan on schedule so the recipient will get it on time.

For safety reasons, if it is possible to place for your residence, put a camera on your front door to check whether your package and mail have arrived as you wish.

How does the postcard send internationally?

Things are getting fast and simple today. You can easily grab a pack of cat food through a marketplace application when you are in the middle of working. Some traditional ways of communication also changed. From wired phones to mobile phones, you can swipe, touch and type right from wherever you
are now.

However, the other feelings of technology can’t replace is getting a pack of postcards or getting mail from a long and faraway friend. Whether you are traveling or studying abroad, you might want to save and try to bring souvenirs in a different way. It might take a long time but here’s how you can manage.

Try to walk to the nearby post office first. Some buildings even look like heritage places and they put postcards as souvenirs too. Ask about the time and how much it would cost to the recipient country. After that write a short message as a greeting. It will be best if you get two-piece, one with the message and the other can be their collectible item.

At some event, your postcard might not be delivered. However, give it a try to get whether you pass the mission to get that postcard through their mailbox or not.

Why do people like to send postcards while traveling?

Getting a pack of magnets, tote bags, and key chains is way too common. There are plenty that can be duplicated and also comes in only different colors too. The postcard is one of a kind. You can make a photo of the scenery as your postcard template or get one from the local post office.

The mail used to come through your real-time mailbox, not popping from your mobile notification. This would make another feel for the person to get a letter or postcard in their mailbox.

Even before the social media era, getting pen pals is the very original thing we get to make a good network. You can get the pals from magazines, newspapers, or from your school board. If you are on a budget, getting a postcard can be a friendly option. It is cheap and the stamp is not that much to spend from your pocket.

If sending them right away from the country where you visit, it is also easier to pack. You can get 2 packs of each 12 without worrying about the space for your luggage. It gives nostalgia and excitement tingling for your relatives or loved ones. With physical objects and your handwritten message, it could warm and make someone day in a good mood too.

Plus it can be kept in the photo album too. This is applied when you got a photo taken for your postcard template. There is a saying that “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Some people would take pictures to freeze up memories, using it as a postcard could deliver the feeling and moments to others too.

Besides photos, postcards can be made out of anything. So when you are traveling, you can keep notes from your favorite hotel or make drawings and then send it.

Shortly to say, traveling can open up your mind and also get into yourself to know. The closest one couldn’t give the same warmth as your family members, best friend, or partner.

Printable Mailbox Template
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Printable Mailbox Template
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How do you make a handmade postcard?

You don’t have to go traveling first to send your friend a postcard. Try to give a shot at sending them a birthday message, just getting some life update, or to have them notice that you are pouring some memories with them in it. There are items you need to prepare first:

  • Blank flashcard, 4x6 inch size
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pens, pencils, markers. Get some in various colors
  • Metallic sharpies
  • Glue
  • Food coloring or watercolor
  • Brushes
  • Old magazines and newspapers

For some cute stuff to add, you can use ribbons, some quotes to attach, and anything that could
fit your postcard.

  1. Cover your table with the newspapers first. The newspaper sometimes later can be cut as a collage too!

  2. Make your flashcard template divided into two parts. One for the message template and the other for stamps and addresses.

  3. Use the newspaper to cover the back of your postcard template.

  4. Here is where your creativity begins! Cover the newspaper with your style. You can cut the old magazine and make collage greetings on it or use food coloring and spray paint on it.

  5. You can also cover it with a blank flashcard template and draw with watercolor.

  6. Voila! Your crafty artsy postcard is ready and gives it a shot to send for a friend!

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