Halloween Printable Bubble Letters Y

Oct 16, 2013
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Printable Bubble Letter Y
Printable Bubble Letter Ydownload

What are the bubble letters?

Bubble letters are a lettering style where the letters are look puffy and bubbly. The advantages of using bubble or bubbly letters are your journals or your creations could look more interesting, expressive and add some character. This type of lettering are popular in grafitti but you can also create bubble letters on the paper.

How do you write Happy Halloween in bubble letters?

Step one, you have to prepare the items you need. You will need a pencil, eraser, a piece of paper, and a pen or a brush pen or highliter or whatever you wanted to use for the decorations.

Second step, you need to make the basic construction of bubble letters using pencil. Which are the basic shape of Happy Halloween letters.

Third step, make the bubble construction by thicken the Happy Halloween letters with outlines with rounded edges. You can make the rounded edges outline as thick as you want, but you have to remember that the outline have to be the same thickness on both side. For this step, i recommend you to do this by using pencil because it’s easier for you to make corrections if needed.

Fourth step, if you have added the rounded edges outline, you can erase the basic shape of Happy Halloween letters that we had made on the second step.

For the step five, after you have erased the basic shape of Happy Halloween letters, now you can saw the bubble construction and sharpen the outline with pen.

Step six, it’s time to decorate the Happy Halloween bubble letters! On this step, you can make any decorations that you wanted to make your Happy Halloween bubble letters pop or interesting.

Halloween Bubble Letters
Halloween Bubble Lettersdownload
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How do you make bubble letters pop?

You can make your Halloween bubble letters pop with many ways, but here’s some of my advices to make your Halloween letters pop,

Option one, you can add decorations or details as many as you wanted. Such as add shadows and highlights, or decorate with dots or Halloween theme things, or fill the inside of your Halloween letters with Halloween colours, or you could make extra puffs around the outlines.

Option two, you can also try another type of bubble letters styles or even make your own bubble letters style.

Last option, add second outline! This option could make your Halloween bubble letters pop or more interesting because it adds more volume to your bubble letters.

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