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Jul 01, 2013
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Printable Halloween Activity Book
Printable Halloween Activity Bookdownload

What materials do we need to make Halloween book?

Another way to celebrate the spooky season is crafting a Halloween book. The book can enhance your creative skills, not only from the way you color through the book but also the function of the book itself. To make one, you, at least, have these materials and tools to complete the steps. You can get them in art supply stores. 

  • Old book, still empty
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic Halloween figures; skeleton, spider
  • Plastic letters
  • Hot glue
  • Multipurpose glue
  • Black paint
  • Metallic paint
  • Paintbrushes


What are the steps to make Halloween book?

Up next, you will need to follow these steps to make a Halloween book. But before that, make sure you have found the design of the book to minimize wasting the materials. You can reuse the supplies for other Halloween decor and might as well for other seasons. You still have time to decide whether you want to use the recycled materials or improve the quality. Remember, the primary rule of making art is to be careful with the tools and steps. 

  • Stick the Halloween plastic figures, use the hot glue.
  • Cover the book with a paper towel, use multipurpose glue.
  • Paint thoroughly the book with black paint. Wait until dry.
  • Smear the details you want to catch with the metallic paint.

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Printable Spell Book Coverdownload

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Where can we make Halloween book?

It depends on the occasion when you decide to make a Halloween book. Teens usually craft the book in art class during the school club or Halloween party preparation. There is a consequence if they don't make one outside of the art room; it can be messy since it is required to paint the book thoroughly and use special glue. The situation is inevitable when you do so at home. If you have an art studio, you can spare some time to complete one there, or on the porch for another option. 

How to use the Halloween book?

Most of the time, the Halloween book is used for a Halloween-themed roleplay, party, and school notebook. In the roleplay, there must be a witch and her cauldron. There, she may make a poisonous soup with a cast of spells that she wrote in the book or write a secret spell that has a monstrous effect. A lot of parties use a guestbook to record the contact of the guests, including school Halloween parties. It can also be the merchandise or grand prize for a winner.

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