Printable TV Trivia Games

Feb 27, 2012
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Printable TV Trivia Games

Printable TV Trivia Games

Printable Movie Trivia Games
Printable Movie Trivia Gamesdownload


What are some good trivia games?

If you’re looking for some nostalgic games, then you should put trivia games on your top list. It’s a good old-fashioned competitive game that will cheer you up with your family. This is also a good game to prove you are knowledgeable. This game could prove that you know one or two things about politics, culture, sports, and current issues. However, what are some good trivia games that you should try? Here we have some recommendations for you.

1.       Hasbro Pursuit 2000 Edition Trivia Board Game

2.       Logo Trivia Board Game

3.       Smart Ass Trivia Board Game

4.       Hasbro Trivia Board Game Pursuit Classic Edition

5.       Play Monster 5 Second Rule Trivia Board Game

Which is the best Trivia App?

Games with trivia concept such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader have been popular for a long time. It dominated almost every channel on television in many countries. This game has even succeeded not only in USA but also in Southeast Asia. So, don’t you want to know why this game got liked by so many people? The answer is simple. This game is fun.

Anyway, if you miss a game like that, we have some recommendations for you. This trivia game can be downloaded easily from apps market. For those who use iPhone, you can search this list below and be ready to play the games!

1.       Trivia 360

2.       Trivia Crack

3.       Popcorn Trivia   

4.       Quizoid

5.       QuizUp

6.       Logo Game

7.       Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World

Disney Trivia Questions Printable
Disney Trivia Questions Printabledownload

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Movie Trivia Questions and Answers
Movie Trivia Questions and Answersdownload
Printable 1960s Trivia Game
Printable 1960s Trivia Gamedownload
Printable Christmas Trivia Games
Printable Christmas Trivia Gamesdownload
Printable Trivia Questions Answers
Printable Trivia Questions Answersdownload


Is Trivia App can give you real money?

Well, actually it’s not really a trivia app but it’s an app, obviously. And yes, you can get real money from an app in market place. This is also not a scam or something that will give you malware. This is a real thing. Some people really get money from these apps. The way it works is you play this app by viewing some ads, taking surveys, or shopping in certain stores.

However, the companies behind these apps usually won’t give you money in cash. Instead, the will give you some points that you can exchange with dollars or gift. But, don’t worry, because there also some apps that will give you some extra pennies. Anyway, what are these apps that can give you some money? Check this out!

1.       Fronto

2.       Swagbucks

3.       Lucktastic

4.       Shopkick

5.       Receipt Hog

6.       Mobee

7.       Surveys On The Go

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