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Apr 06, 2022
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Easter Word Scramble Printable
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How can you introduce Easter religious symbols for your kids?

Easter is a commercial holiday that also religious celebrations. To introduce the kids to this day, you can use the worksheet.

Instead of letting them know about the common symbols such as bunny and baby chick, you also can start to make them know about the religious symbol.

Tracing worksheet can become the tool you introduce the kids to any of Easter religious symbols. Construct a tracing worksheet involving the cross along with the lily’s embellishment and the “He has Risen” tag. While the kids do the worksheet, you can share the meaning of each symbol.

Introducing the Easter celebration through a coloring worksheet is such a good idea. Place some religious symbol that is uncolored.

You can involve the candle, lily, the Holy cross, empty tomb, and lent tag in a worksheet. Include also brief but detailed instructions for them to read.

Wordsearch worksheet is such a good idea for your kids to memorize religious vocabulary regarding Easter.

In this worksheet, your kids should find the words that linked to Easter among the scramble letters. Let them give the sign in it so they can identify the words easily.

Those are the worksheet that you can use for introduction and also test your kid’s knowledge about the Easter religious symbol.

Choose the one that fit your kids the most and make them learn while also having fun!

What can I create for Easter decorations?

Easter is about to come! Then it’s time for you to start listing the decoration items to beautify your house on the celebration.

Making your own decoration item is such a good idea to limit your budget while also making the design in line with your style.

If you seek ideas in constructing the Easter decorations, just go straight on and get inspired!

Eggs become one of the Easter symbols that you can adopt as decoration. Making the Easter egg garland will be great to place in entire your room. Materials you need to gather are colored paper, egg stencil, scissors, and string.

Trace the egg stencil on the paper. Make it duplicate with the amount you wish. You can consider the amount of art to cover your entire space.

Create a hole in each egg template that fits the string. Combine all of the egg templates through insert the string one by one.

Another easter decoration you can construct is a no-sewing Easter bunny. Create the project with the start to gather all the materials first. All you need to serve for this decoration are socks, string, beads, and raw rice.

Fold the edge of your socks and create the bunny ears from it. Continue with filling the socks with raw rice. Divide the body and the face part with string.

Make sure the body part is the largest. Jump to the embellishment! Use the beads for face details such as for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Select the one to be yours and grab your materials right away!

Printable Easter Activities for Kids
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Christian Easter Word Search Printable
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Printable Easter Word Scramble Game
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What Easter activities I can host for family gatherings?

Easter can be the right time for hosting a family gathering. Therefore, you have to prepare every aspect that has to exist in it.

When it comes to the activities, you have to host the ones that suit all ages. If you seek some recommendations, just check this out and get inspired!

Crafting is such a fun activity to host yet appropriate for all ages. Let all the family member construct the craft. You can choose the ones that they can wear right away.

Go with the easter bunny headband or bead necklace with any easter symbols in it.

Gather and prepare the pack of crafting materials. Just construct such a crafting kit and make everyone only just open the box and start crafting.

Eggo Deco could be fun too. All you need to prepare for this game are easter eggs with plastic material, stickers, and plates. In this game, the participant has to decorate the easter egg only by rolling the egg on the plate.

The sticker should be opened up first. the winner will be the one who has the sticker on the egg while also not letting the egg fall.

Decorating the Easter tree is a great idea too. This game will allow each participant to race in constructing and decorating the Easter tree. Divide the participant into groups.

Gather all the materials such as the small easter tree, bunny doll, bunny template, baby chick template, the cross, and so on.

Set the timing and rules of the game. You can arrange them to include the items they must include in the tree. The winner will be the fastest and the most complete group.

Those are the activities you can host for Easter family gatherings. You can choose the one that fits you the most and let the gatherings become memorable easter!

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