Printable Thanksgiving Activities

May 21, 2011
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Printable Thanksgiving Activities

Printable Thanksgiving Activities

Printable Thanksgiving Activities for Kids
Printable Thanksgiving Activities for Kidsdownload

What are some Thanksgiving activities?

Thanksgiving is celebrated every last Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is basically a dinner, but a special dinner. On Thanksgiving, people will gather with their family and say thanks to all the things they are grateful for. The menu on Thanksgiving is also different from another dinner. That dinner, gather, and prayer things are the main Thanksgiving activities. Other than that, you can also do a lot of things like Thanksgiving activities. The first thing you can do aside from the classic Thanksgiving activities is to join a Turkey Trot. Turkey Trot is a 5-kilometer run that takes place near Thanksgiving day. The special thing on Turkey Trot that distinguishes it from another long-distance run is, you can see people run in a turkey suit. You can do these Thanksgiving activities alone if you can’t gather with your family in their house. Another Thanksgiving activity that you can do is watching football games. Thanksgiving is a national holiday. People won’t go to work and stay home, probably spend their time watching the television. Thus, you can see a lot of games on Thanksgiving day. Last, you can do some traditional Thanksgiving activities besides dinner. For example, you can research your family tree and talk to your extended families as a Thanksgiving activity, or you can play board games with them, or even help them in the kitchen. That may be a helpful Thanksgiving activity.

What do families do on Thanksgiving?

Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is well known as a day when the whole family gathered in a house. There’s a lot of Thanksgiving activities that the family does on Thanksgiving. The core of Thanksgiving activities are three: a family gathering, dinner, and prayer, or saying each other’s gratitude. Besides that, there are also a number of Thanksgiving activities that families do. For example, before dinner starts, families will be busy in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Another Thanksgiving activities that families do when they gather are, talking to each other, playing board games, or any other games especially with the little family member. Watching football games together, and so on.

Thanksgiving Printable Puzzle Pages
Thanksgiving Printable Puzzle Pagesdownload
Christian Kids Thanksgiving Activity Sheets
Christian Kids Thanksgiving Activity Sheetsdownload
Thanksgiving Activity Printables
Thanksgiving Activity Printablesdownload

How can I make Thanksgiving more fun?

Thanksgiving is famous for its expression of gratitude, and it’s often solemn and quiet. But Thanksgiving can be fun too. You can do some Thanksgiving activities to make your Thanksgiving more fun. The first, Thanksgiving activities that you can do besides the traditional one are playing party games like board games and riddles. You can do Thanksgiving activities outdoor while you’re waiting for dinner, for example, playing flag football. Watching football games together as a Thanksgiving activity can be fun too.

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