Hard Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

Apr 15, 2010
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Hard Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

Hard Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

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How do you use Thanksgiving in a sentence?

Thanksgiving is a celebration in North American countries, especially the United States. Thanksgiving is celebrated annually every last Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 26th. Thanksgiving basically consists of three activities: family gathering, dinner, and expressing gratitude. On Thanksgiving, people gather with their family in the afternoon. They’ll talk to each other or simply prepare for dinner. Then, when the dinner time comes, they will take a seat on the dinner table. Before the dinner starts, they will express their gratitude for all the things that happened to them that year. They’ll start to eat after that. Those gratitude and thanks words from Thanksgiving come from the earliest Thanksgiving feast. Back then, Pilgrims that have landed in North America from England, celebrate their earliest harvest abroad. They thank their God for all those fall harvest. They also give the local Wampanoag Indians some of their yields. That’s the origin of Thanksgiving. Now, Thanksgiving is a noun. You can use it like a simple noun. That’s the basic knowledge of Thanksgiving. If you wanna know more about Thanksgiving, playing the hard Thanksgiving word search can be the solution. It is a word search game consisting of Thanksgiving-related words. Thanksgiving word search may open your knowledge to Thanksgiving.

What Thanksgiving means?

The meaning of Thanksgiving can be searched from its history. In 1621, The Pilgrims from England landed on Plymouth, Massachusetts. They tried to build a settlement and start farming for their own needs. When the fall season came, they harvested their plants. They were very grateful seeing their earliest harvest abroad. They thanked God for it. They also gave some of their yields to Wampanoag Indians that were the locals in that area. Thanking God, and giving some yields to Wampanoag Indians, that’s where the Thanksgiving word came from. That’s only the basic knowledge of Thanksgiving. You can enrich your knowledge with hard Thanksgiving word search. Hard Thanksgiving word search is a word search game with Thanksgiving themes and hard difficulties. Hard Thanksgiving word search consists of hard vocabulary that is related to Thanksgiving.

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What’s the word guessing game called?

There are so many word games that are available out there. The most classic word games can be the scrabbler. But if it's a word guessing game, then the hangman may be the oldest of it all. Another word guessing game is Thanksgiving word search. Thanksgiving word search is a word search game with jumbled words on it. The objective of the Thanksgiving word game is to circle the word that is related to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving word game can be a fun game to play together, because it’s hard and you need a partner to solve it.

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