Thanksgiving Holiday Printable Banners

Sep 11, 2014
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Thanksgiving Holiday Printable Banners

Thanksgiving Holiday Printable Banners

Printable Thanksgiving Banner
Printable Thanksgiving Bannerdownload

How do I make a banner using Word?

For those of you who might want to try to make a Thanksgiving holiday banner design for Thanksgiving celebrations using words, hopefully through this post you can be helped a little, here is the explanation that I share below:

  1. First, please open Microsoft word on your computer.
  2. Furthermore, as initial information, here I will provide an explanation of how to make a banner in Word using a 1: 3 ratio, which means that when the banner is made it can be printed in the size of 1 meter by 3 meters or it can be above it, which is 2 meters times 6 meters.
  3. Prepare images that will later be included in the banner design.
  4. After Word is opened, create a new word with a size of 15cm X 45cm and format the word in the landscape layout view:
  • Click the "layout" menu, select orientation, and select landscape.
  • Click "Size" select more paper size.

In the "paper" menu, fill in the column width = 45 cm and the column height = 15 cm then click "OK".

Then it will appear as in the image below, and to make the display look full, reduce the display to 60% size.

  1. Next, set margins to "Narrow" by clicking the "Layout" menu, selecting margins, and selecting narrow.
  2. Then double click to open the header and insert the image you want to fill in the banner design. Keep in mind that all images that you want to include in the banner design must be included in the destination header so that later after the design is finished, the image cannot be moved except through the header.
  3. To be able to move the image, click on the image to be shifted/moved then select the "format" menu, and on the "wrap text" option select "in front of text".
  4. Next, click the “Insert” menu, select shapes and select the shape of the image you want to insert then you can make the image shapes full by dragging the edges past the word size to make it look full and to change the color you can change it by clicking the image first. that you make through shapes then click the "Format" menu then select "shapefile" and select the color you like.
  5. Next, please create your own by re-entering the image of shapes.
  6. Please enter the text by clicking the "insert" menu, select "WordArt" then enter the text as desired.
  7. Don't forget to also include images or photos according to your wishes and remember to include them in the header section.
  8. If everything is done, please exit the header to see the results by clicking the "Design" menu and clicking "Close Header".

How do I make a banner for free online?

Creating an online banner in Canva is quite easy and free. You don't need to be a graphic design expert because there are already many templates to choose from. Just a little modification. Here are the steps:

  1. Login first at If you don't have an account, you can log in using your Facebook or Google account. After logging in, a Canva dashboard will appear with a wide selection of templates.
  2. Select a template, for example, Blog Banner, then click.
  3. Once clicked, a new tab opens with a canvas for designing.
  4. Choose the template that you want to use, then click on it. The white canvas will change according to the clicked template.
  5. Edit certain parts of the template such as the text. You can add various other elements to your design using the menus on the left.
  6. When finished, download your design by clicking the Download button in the upper right corner. After that, print your Thanksgiving holiday banner and place it as a Thanksgiving decoration at home.

129 Church St. Suite 202 New Haven CT
129 Church St. Suite 202 New Haven CTdownload
Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner Printable Free
Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner Printable Freedownload
Give Thanks Banner Printable Free
Give Thanks Banner Printable Freedownload
Printable Thanksgiving Banner
Printable Thanksgiving Bannerdownload

What program can I use to make a banner?

Wanna make a Thanksgiving holiday banner for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner with Family? You can use these program online design websites to make them free and easy!

Gravit Klex

Gravit Klex is an online design application with the same technology as the Gravit designer but with a simpler appearance. With gravit klex, it is hoped that everyone can produce professional designs and of course for free.


This snappa application provides a variety of templates, writing fonts that you can choose from, and you can even upload the font you want yourself. For now, you can use this application via a browser only, and of course, it's free (with certain restrictions).

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