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Updated on Mar 30, 2022
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Stained Glass Quilt Pattern
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How to create faux stained glass art?

Stained glass art is traditionally composed of small pieces of glass arranged to form patterns or pictures, retained together with slices of lead and assisted by a structural frame. Because of the high quality of the materials, those stained glass arts are incredibly expensive.

If you want to make stained glass art on a low budget, you can do it yourself. You might be out of clue on where to start, first thing first you get the best one that suits your style first.

Then you'll need a picture frame with glasses, acrylic paint and brushes, thick fabric, and a stained glass template for your designs. First, take the glasses out of the frame. To avoid an unintended accident, wear gloves.

Place the glass on top of your thick fabric. After that, place the template behind the glass so that you can see the pattern in front. Then begin drawing by following the pattern line.

To draw the line, use the primary color, preferably black. After you've finished drawing the line, you can begin coloring the glass. It's now up to you to express yourself creatively. After you've completed the coloring steps, you can add a layer of silver paint to your line to make your art stand out.

Finally, wait until it's dry and uses a fan to speed up the drying process. After you've ensured that everything is dry, insert the stained glass into the frame. Faux stained glass art may look stunning on your wall.

What’s stained glass art for a kid's project?

Painting and coloring on paper may be part of the routine for your children, but why not introduce them to a new platform? It could become a source of excitement for them to create art out of glass.

They could conduct the experiment with a clear jar to create their first stained glass art. You will need a transparent jar, acrylic paint, a ruler, and permanent markers. To begin, draw the pattern in the jar.

For the first experiment, you could just draw the abstract line. Then, allow the jar to dry. After that, you can allow your children to color the drawings without touching their lines. This type of activity may persuade them to enjoy creative classes. Making a suncatcher out of a lid from a glass jar is the next project.

Aside from the jar itself, the lid can also be used as a crafting medium. The jar lid, string, wooden stand, mini drill, paint, stained glass template, and marker are all required. To begin, use a mini drill to make a hole on the edge of the lid. This hole will be used to hang the finished lid arts. Then, using the marker, trace the line of the stained glass template.

Let your children do the coloring. They could then tie the lids by inserting the string into the hole. Finally, hang the wooden hanger in the stand. Place it in an area where sunlight enters your home. The light reflection would be stunning and brighten up your home.

Stained Glass Quilt Patterns Free
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What stained glass template stuff is made from fabric?

Aside from glass art, stained glass patterns are also used as templates on some items made of fabric. Quilts are common uses for the stained glass template. Cathedral quilts are very popular with stained glass quilt patterns. You can start by preparing the fabric for the stained glass quilt.

The type of fabric you need to prepare is the dark colors fabric. This late will be used to outline the panels. Meanwhile brighter color will be used to be the glass quilt template. Window quilts are another fabric-based stained glass template. Basically, the materials and technique are the same as with the quilt; the only difference is the size.

Stained glass patterns are also frequently used as fabric wall hangings. The difference is that stained glass wall hangings are hung with a wooden frame and string. The fabric is also thinner than a quilt. 

How to DIY stained glass t-shirt?

The pattern of stained glass is pretty to look at, but in some way, it is not really the kind of pattern you might like. The call for doing it yourself or also known as the DIY craft will bring another level of your own stained glass t-shirt design. Serve with a thick cotton t-shirt, paint, a template with holes in the pattern line, board the same size as your t-shirt, and a small marker.

Insert the board into the clothes first. Its goal is to prevent color leakage. Set the template down and begin drawing with your marker. Allow it to dry before proceeding with the coloring steps. Colors can be mixed and matched as preferred.

Make sure you don't cross the line you drew earlier. Then, take out the board and hang it in the sunlight until it's completely dry. The stained glass t-shirt pattern is finished and ready to wear.

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