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Aug 03, 2011
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Printable Weekly Planner Calendar Template
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What is a weekly timetable?

It is a table that contains every name of days in a week. We’re required to write the list of activities that have to be done on a certain day of the week. To make it more detailed, the table also provides the precise time for a specific activity to be accomplished for that period.

What are the functions of using a weekly timetable?

1.    To keep the bunch of activities on the track.
2.    In a week, we have so many tasks to be completed. Sometimes, we forget what to do next. Unfortunately, this can lead us to the chaotic plans in the future. Thus, the weekly timetable helps us to monitor our activities in a week so that we don’t miss the activities.
3.    Arranges plan for a longer period.
4.    Yes, we are familiar with scheduling for one day. However, the expiry date of a daily timetable won’t last that long. So, the weekly timetable can help us to create things that we are going to do in seven days straight days. We can even schedule our agenda for two weeks in a row by using 2 week calendar weekly with time.
5.    Tracking the amount of spare time for a week.
6.    In 24 hours seven days, we already write our to-do lists and arrange plans and goals. We can also predict the duration time to complete those tasks. While doing this, we constantly think about the rest of some time to have a recess. This span of time can be called our span times.

Printable Calendar Weekly with Hours
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Printable 2 Week Blank Calendar Template
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2 Week Calendar Printable Free
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Printable 2 Week Calendar Template
Printable 2 Week Calendar Templatedownload
Printable Weekly Schedule Template
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Printable 2 Week Blank Calendar Template
Printable 2 Week Blank Calendar Templatedownload
2 Page Weekly Calendar Template
2 Page Weekly Calendar Templatedownload

What are the importances of using a weekly timetable?

Here are the reasons why we should use a weekly timetable:
1.    To define the main important activities and goals clearly.
2.    When using a timetable, we’re required to write it down on the table. When we start to write our to-do list, we need to consider the clear activities to be done. So, we are not confused to move to the the other tasks.
3.    Review the progress  of skills or how close us to the goals that have been set.
4.    A weekly timetable helps us to track our activities. We also know the level of achievements that we have been through. It’s simply because we document it daily for seven days. We can re-read it again and compare it.
5.    Helps us to be ready with unexpected situation.
6.    Planning makes us prepare for unpleasant moments. It happens because when we plan for the future, we also consider the unexpected problems that need to be solved.
7.    Helps us to make a priority scale.
8.    Defining the clear activities to be finished for a certain period means that those tasks are important for us. The table can be a guide for us which activity that should be done first and faster.

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