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Updated on Jan 24, 2022
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How do I create an organizational chart template?

In this digital era, all the systems are fast-paced. We don't have any time just to do things manually. Everything is converted to be digital. This will make all our tasks easier, faster, and less error. So does the organizational chart template. There is more important thing than just manually drawing an organizational chart template. We can use applications or websites for designing the organizational chart template. In addition, the application or websites even offer us a ready-to-use template. So, we can immediately use it.

To create our own organizational chart template, here are steps to follow:
1. Download organizational chart template.
2. Open it in the applications, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe InDesign.
3. Fill the template with the name and the position of each number.
4. Customize the design by changing the shape of the box or the color.
5. Save it as a soft file.

What are the 4 types of organizational structure?

Before we download organizational chart template, we need to determine what kind of hierarchy or formation that our organization implements. To understand this, we need to know that basically, there are four types of organizational structure. This classification can be defined as a traditional organization structure. Well, on this day, we can't purely adapt the one solid kind of organizational structure. It is because day by day, the organization is improved, developed, or innovated.

Here are the four kinds of organizational structure:
1. Functional organization structure
The team inside the organization are classified based on their skills of specialty. For instance, there are divisions of human resources, marketing, finance, public relations, and many more. This benefits the members of the team in the efficiency and pace of the communication. It's because people with similar skills are in the same department so that the communication can be done without any hassle nor equalize the perspective before.
2. Divisional structure based on the products
This is especially used for a manufacturer that produces physical products. The members inside the team are divided based on what products they handle. For instance, there are some teams that handle beverages, or there are some members that work on the health and wellness product. The advantage of adapting this structure is increasing the production of the company so that the output is higher.
3. Mixed functional and divisional
The organization divides the team based on the specialization, then they are also classified based on what project they need to handle to produce something. This is a complex organizational structure, yet this makes the decision-making more efficient. It's because the cooperation among each member is more detailed.
4. Flat organizational structure
The hierarchy in this kind of organizational structure is vague. There is no vertical relationship like boss-employee. This helps to ease the complicated bureaucracy and makes the communication more effective because there is no hierarchical boundary that makes the communication difficult.

Blank Organizational Chart Template
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What are the 7 key elements of organizational structure?

To fulfil the implementation of the organizational structure concept, there are some things to be existed in the organizational structure. We can name it as 7 elements. However, the common elements that are adopted are actually 6.

Before download organizational chart template and use it, here are 6 elements that can't be missed when it comes to the organizational structure:
1. Departmentalization, it is a group based on the specialization and the function of the members inside the organization.
2. Chain of command, this makes the employer knows to whom the report or the result or works to be delivered.
3. Span of control, this helps the leader, coordinator, manager, or supervisor to understand how many members of the team are in charge. This helps them to know the exact amount of members they are responsible for within the company.
4. Centralization and decentralization, when it comes to centralization, all the decision-making should be from the center, as in the core of the leader. However, the decentralization is different from the centralization one. The decentralization one makes the leader of each department can decide without any dependency from the core leader.
5. Work specialization, this is classifying the members of teams based on their skills or responsibility they handle. This makes the job description more detailed and decreases the probability that a member handles two different skills at the same time.
6. Formalization, this gives the outlines of the relationship in the inter-organizational. This helps the organization to disclose the culture, rules, or procedures.

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