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Aug 21, 2021
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Printable Halloween Stationery Paper
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What is stationery?

Stationery is a mass noun that refers to a set of objects used for writing. It can be papers, envelopes, and other supplies. At the first stationery refer to all item that provided by stationer. Stationer is a term for a book shop near the university which monopoly books and paper that used between the 13th and 15th centuries. At the first stationery is seen as a symbol of etiquette and social status.  It’s only used by the upper-class. Nowadays with technological advancement, stationary still exist. Many things were still written by hands like thank you card, gift tag, or invitational card. Stationery can be used in any situation and place. It can be used and themed for holidays like Christmas stationery or Halloween stationery.

What the function of custom-designed stationery?

Custom made stationery is used to adding self-brand on writing a statement. It makes you easy to spread your personal brand. You can also include all of them with your personal contact on it so everyone now can more easy to reach you. It also makes everything look tidy and organized. It can make you look more professional and will less likely leave a bad impression on others. Using custom stationery will make power on the word. A handwritten congratulation card will leave a good impression more than an email. More importantly stationery has a real form. It will be hard to throw away very good stationery. It will be linked with pleasant memories.

Printable Fall Stationery Paper
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Printable Fall Stationery Borders
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Printable Halloween Stationery Paper
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Printable Pumpkin Writing Paper
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Free Printable Halloween Stationery Borders
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Halloween Little Monsters Stationery
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Free Printable Halloween Stationery Paper
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Halloween Flying Witch Stationery
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What are the items in stationery?

There are so many items that have a stationery category. This a few examples of stationery with the function of it. 

  1. Stapler, to staple paper.
  2. Eraser, to erase pencils mark on a paper.
  3. Pushpin, to pinpoint paper on foam or other objects.
  4. Highlighter, to highlight word from book or paper with some contrast color, so you can find it easy.
  5. Bulldog clip, to collect and put together some paper in one pile.
  6. Pencil sharpener, to sharping your pencil tip so you can write with it.
  7. Tape dispenser, to keep the tape in one stable place, so you can use it easily.
  8. Glue, to paste paper or other things.
  9. Scissors,  to cut things.
  10. Sticky note use to write a reminder and pinned in place you easily can see.
  11. Paper is the first item that originally referred to as stationery. It used as a medium to write.
  12. Printer, nowadays printer is classified as stationery. It helps to print words or pictures that created on a computer. 

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