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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The shape is a geometric concept. The shape is the outline, outer boundary, or outer surface of an object. Shapes can be found in everyday life. The reason is, all objects in the world must have a shape.

Printable Apple Template Preschool
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Apple Template
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What are Shapes and Colors?

The shape is a geometric concept. The shape is the outline, outer boundary, or outer surface of an object. Shapes can be found in everyday life. The reason is, all objects in the world must have a shape. There are various geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, oval, prism, cylinder, and others. Those geometric shapes can be seen in various objects such as rings, boards, windows, flower pots, balloons, and others.

Meanwhile, the color is a combination of black and white. This was explained by Aristotle. This theory was believed until 1666. Isaac Newton also explained the concept of color through a prism experiment.

Newton explained that a prism could break white light into several types of colors known as a spectrum. The combination of all those colors can produce white light.

Newton explained that the spectrum is continuous. There are 7 types of colors on the spectrum. The seven colors are red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, indigo, and green. However, a color can be seen correctly if the hue, brightness, and saturation are correct.

  • Hue: Aspects of color related to orange, red, yellow, and others.
  • Saturation: This represents relative purity. So, red will produce soft red when mixed with white. Soft colors are referred to as unsaturated colors.
  • Brightness: The combination of hue and saturation can have a certain brightness or light intensity. Brightness depends on the total light energy received by an object.

What is the Importance of Learning Shapes and Colors for Children?

Color and shape are important things that can be used to understand various objects in the world. By understanding shapes and colors, children can see the shapes of flowers and their colors. In addition, children will also get these benefits.

  • Shapes and colors can help children to communicate verbally. So, those two things are a great way to increase children's vocabulary.
  • Kids can also categorize things around them easily. They are able to identify various objects with the concept of shape and color.
  • Shapes and colors are also the basis for understanding numbers and letters. This is because letters and numbers are formed from a combination of colors and shapes. So, children can more easily distinguish between numbers and letters.
  • Colors and shapes are also often used to make various health and safety symbols. This is an important thing that must be understood by everyone, including children. Therefore, you have to teach shapes and colors to children so they can understand the various important symbols around them.

When Do Children Learn to Recognize Shapes and Colors?

When should kids recognize shapes and colors? Based on and, the best time to teach shapes and colors to children is 18 months to 2-3 years old.

Meanwhile, explained that understanding of the concept of color can vary. So, children may understand colors after 3 years old. In addition, children can only understand shapes at the age of 2 years.

Therefore, you need to teach them some things related to shapes. Examples are squares, circles, triangles, and others. Teach it to children while they are playing. So, you can use various educational crafts related to shapes.

Apple Template Printable
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Apple Template Coloring Page
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Apple Template Printable
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Apple Template Preschool Craft
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Apple Fruit Coloring Pages
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Apple Outline Template
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Blank Apple Writing Page Or Shape Book Free Printable
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Apple Patterns Do-a-Dot Activity
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Printable Apple Template For Kids
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How to Teach Shapes and Colors to Children?

If you want to introduce shapes and colors to children, you can do these tips. However, you have to teach shapes and colors according to the age of the children.

  • First, teach children to recognize objects around them. It's the easiest way to teach them about colors and shapes. An example is an orange that is round and yellow. Orange helps you to explain the concept of shape and color.

  • If they understand shape and color, you can teach them to understand shape and color similarities. The trick is to ask them to group objects of the same shape and color. Let them do it by themselves. It aims to find out their understanding of shapes and colors. If they are still having trouble doing it, you can help them.

  • You can teach them to say the names of shapes and colors. So, you can ask the children to name some of the things they like. You can take a walk in the park with them and ask them to see interesting things around the park. Then, they have to say the shape and color of the object.

  • You can also do it the easy way by using color by number templates. You only need to find a worksheet or template that contains the shapes and colors. The worksheet usually presents various basic shapes, for example, apple shapes templates. So, ask the children to color the various geometric shapes using colored pencils.

Not only that, but you can also make your own geometric shape templates. You just need to make dots on blank paper, like alphabet tracing templates. Then, ask the children to connect the various dots to form a geometric shape.

You can ask them to make different kinds of shapes. After that, they have to color all the shapes with different colors.

Article written by Shasmitha Mutiara, last updated on Aug 25, 2023 and edited by Printablee Team.

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