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Jan 06, 2011
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Apple Template
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What age should a child know shapes and colors?

Shapes and colors are one of the most basic knowledge for children. As soon as your child could open their eyes, they would start to identify the color and shape the saw with their eyes. Once they start to speak, they would ask you about shapes, color, things out of their curiosity. But one of the biggest questions is, what age should a child know shapes and colors?

According to some journals, at the age of 18 months usually, a baby starts to accept the idea of colors. Some children may learn it earlier, but some of them start it when they reach early preschool age.
Fortunately, this world has so many colors, so parents don't need any special treatments or materials to give your children lessons about colors. As they grow, children could identify the color themself, you just need to mention the color they ask. For example, green was the color of grass and the leaf. Red is the color of apples.
For the shapes, you can start by introducing it through a picture. For example, you can print Apple Template Preschool and let your kids color it as you told them that red is the color of apples.

What colors should preschoolers learn?

As preschoolers usually have big curiosity in their minds, you can teach them basic colors at first. Especially the colors that they used to see every day. You can start with basic and contrast colors like blue, white, black, green, red, yellow, etc. After that, you can also introduce the colors of the rainbow.
You can teach preschoolers to identify colors while driving a car or going for a walk in a park. You can ask the color of the object they see. For example,
1.    What are the colors of grass?
2.    What is the color of the sky?
3.    What is the color of the firefighter car?
4.    What is the color of bananas?
5.    What is the most suitable color for apples?

Apple Template Printable
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What shapes should preschoolers know?

A little bit different from introducing colors, naming shapes maybe would take more time. There are a lot of shapes in this world to be memorized. But, for preschoolers, you can introduce them into basic shapes, such as rectangle, circle, square. Using preschool coloring book can help both identify colors and shapes, one of the examples is Apple Template Preschool.

Don’t forget to put it on your daily activity. So it is easier for your children to identify shapes. You can ask simple questions such as:
1.    What is the shape of the ball?
2.    What is the shape of your blocks?
3.    That is the shape of the cheese?

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