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Aug 22, 2015
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What kind of activities using phony money?

There are many legal activities that can use phony money. Although its use can be considered an illegal act, in some activities, it is given permission. Examples are performing arts and learning media. Performing arts include many elements such as theater, film, magic, and others. While learning media is the knowledge needed by the public about money other than as a transaction tool. People need to know that money can be counterfeited so they need to be careful.

What happened to people that use phony money for shopping?

Besides legal activities that use phony money as part of it, you can not use phony money for real transactions such as shopping at department stores. You may be subject to the law. Please note, that using phony money for transactions is actually illegal. If you do a transaction using phony money without notifying the other partner that is conducting a transaction with you, that's when you have broken the law. With the article to regulate fraud with money, you have consequences for imprisonment or get a fine with an amount that will be very detrimental to you. Therefore referred to as punishment.

Can ATMs detect fake money?

In addition to direct transactions, there are some people who underestimate the performance of ATM machines. Even though no one is directly operating it, an ATM is a machine that can detect if there is fake money coming into it. So, you do not need to be afraid. It is certain that every money that comes out of an ATM machine is genuine. Likewise, the money put in the ATM machine must be original. If you use phony money, the ATM automatically detects it immediately and refuses to process it. If you find something suspicious with the money you received from the ATM, use first aid such as contacting the official call center of the bank.

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How to make phony money for good activities?

To make a phony money part of good activity, you just need to tell everyone who is in the activity that the money cannot be used for original transactions. If you are part of the show, you can describe the information in a creative way without endangering the tricks or shows that you have prepared. You can always use phony money for something good instead of harming others. Try to use phony money as best you can.

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