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Updated: May 30, 2022

Halloween always involves something spookiest as the symbols. Therefore, every celebration including the Halloween party must be in line with the spooky theme..

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Printable Extreme Dot to Dot Puzzles
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How do you arrange dot to dot game for Halloween?

Halloween always involves something spookiest as the symbols. Therefore, every celebration including the Halloween party must be in line with the spooky theme.

To make your party more festive even if it’s all spooky, you might come up with the idea of a game to play by crowds. Dot-to-dot Halloween might seem unusual yet still can make the crowds chatter. If you find this idea interesting, just jump below!

Dot to dot game for Halloween actually can be arranged as a racing game. It might take a long time, but you still can decide the time. In this game, the participant will race in constructing the spooky dot-to-dot template.

Things you need to do first is gather the materials. You should construct the dot-to-dot worksheet that is considered extreme to done.

Choose the one that contains 1000 numbers to connect. Use the template that linked with Halloween the most. The witchy template sounds good. Provide also the timer and the pen for drawing. Don’t forget to have a special prize to the winner.

Let’s jump to the gameplay. In this game, the participant will work alone. They need to connect each number from 1-1000 to see the witchy picture. Set the time around 20 minutes or more. You can construct all of the guests to start at the same time.

Once you said to start, they need to start right away and once you tell them to stop, then the participant needs to put their hands up. The winner of this game will be the one who finishes first or the participant that has the most numbers connected.

It will be such a fun game for the party. Go try it on at your Halloween party and let each guest be excited about it!

How can I create polka dots wall décor?

Dots can be basic, but it also has artistic sides. Place the dots as your wall décor sounds interesting for having a great accent. Constructing your own polka dot wall décor is not something impossible. If you want to try it on, just check this out to get inspired!

Using the polka dot sticker might be the easiest and lower the risk of failure. All you need to do is choose the style of the sticker whether it already has the pattern or just the dots cutouts.

If you have the first option, then you only have to customize it with your wallboard. However, if you only have the cutouts, it’s your job to make the pattern as you wish.

Using the sponge to paint the polka dots sounds great too. You need to make the circular cutout out of the sponge and dip it into the paint. Make sure the shape is in line with the polka dots as you wish. If you considering having a small polka dots pattern, then just use the brush dots. It’s way more accurate as long as you scratch properly.

Involve the polka dots in the other objects sounds good to consider. In this project, you can select the theme first. Then, decide which part you going to make as polka dots.

Those are how you can construct the polka dots wall décor. Choose the style that is in line with your interest and grab your things right away!

Extreme Dot to Dot Printables 1000
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Dot Game Printable Page
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Hard Connect the Dots Printables
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Extreme Hard Dot to Dot Printables
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How do you make kids experiment dot-to-dot on shirts?

When it comes to your kids' learning, you can’t just let them stick with the paper all the time. Try something different such as experimenting.

Your kids might just learn the dot to dot, then you still can construct the experiment activity about the dot to dot. Their shirt can be a great tool. Check this out to know the details!

Gather all of the materials first. It consists of your kid’s shirt, brush, and paint. Use the shirt based on your kid’s choice. Give advice that it needs to be in bright colors.

For the paint, choose the ones that are appropriate for the fabric. Let the kids choose the color for the polka dots pattern they going to construct.

Dip it in the paint and start scratching the brushes on the shirts. Make sure you watch them while doing this step. If you don’t want them to make the abstract, you can draw the pattern by yourself with a pencil and let the kids follow your drawing.

After all the polka dots pattern is done, it’s time for you to wash and let them dry. Make the result a surprise for them. They will happily wear what they construct.

Those are how you can make your kids experiment with the dots with their own shirts. Besides the shirt, which is fabric based, you can also hold the experiment on a rock, wooden board, Styrofoam, and many more.

Choose the one that you think kids will love and let them have a good time experimenting!

Article written by Adelina M.K., last updated on May 30, 2022 and edited by Printablee Team.

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