Color Wheel Printable For Students

Apr 05, 2021
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Blank Color Wheel Chart
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What is color wheel?

Color wheel is like a color grouping based on the primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary color. The grouping of these colors will make color circle that helps artist understand the variations and the cycle of colors. As we know that green is not just green itself. There are also bluish green, soft green, yellow green, and so on. Imagine that this is applicable for other colors, can you imagine how complicated it is? That’s why color wheel is made for. It helps people to understand the cycle of colors. 

What is color wheel used for?

A color wheel is usually used by artist to choose the colors based on the colors value. It helps them classify the colors into primary colors, secondary colors, or tertiary colors. A color wheel will help an artist to make a composition. It’s like when you got a question, “What colors that dominate this painting?” you can answer it easily by saying, “It’s black or it’s blue.” You can say it firm though you see more than just black or blue colors. That’s what a color wheel used for.

What are the types of color wheel?

Actually there are two types of color wheel. The first one is called RYB that consist of red, yellow, and blue colors. The second is called RGB that consist of red, green, and blue. This difference is due to its function. RYB is often used by artist to help them combining the colors in their artwork while RGB is often used for online products such as television screen or computer.

Printable Blank Color Wheel Template
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Primary Color Wheel Coloring Page Printable
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Color Wheel Worksheet Printable
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Color Wheel Template Printable
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Elementary Color Wheel
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Color Wheel For Elementary Students
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Color Wheel Worksheet For Kindergarten
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Interactive Color Wheel For Students
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Color Wheel Activity For Students
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What are complementary colors on the color wheel?

As we know that there are so many colors in a color wheel, do you know what colors that complement each other? What colors can make a perfect combination because they are completing each other? Well, the complementary colors are those which are directly opposite each other. For the example: red and green, red and purple, or yellow and green.

Do students need a color wheel?

Well, don’t you think students can be artist? They can exactly become artist. If you believe it, then you need a color wheel. Students also need a color wheel to guide them in choosing the right colors. Sometimes, it’s no easy in mix and match the colors. If we aren’t good enough, we can end up choosing colors that don’t match. That’s why, in this case, students also need to have a color wheel.

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