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Updated on Jun 02, 2022
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Bible Connect the Dots Coloring Pages
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What are some fascinating Bible facts?

Beyond its basic message, there is a ton of extremely fascinating information in the Bible.

Approximately 611,000 words make up the Bible. The Bible has a word count of roughly 611,000 in those original languages. However, there are a few reasons why that word count won't match what's in your Bible.

The Bible has been translated from its native languages into English using more words than the native authors' intended meaning. The word count varies because various translations portray passages in different ways.

3 John is the Bible's shortest book. It takes around a minute to read this book. The Bible's second-shortest book is 2 John, which comes just before it.

There are over 40 traditional authors who contributed to the Bible. Historically, Jewish and Christian heroes are credited with writing the Bible's books. The very first five books of the Bible are credited to Moses, and the majority of the prophets are credited with writing the books that bear their names. Naturally, the truth is a little trickier than this.

Since he passed away before some of the occurrences, Moses most likely did not write every word of Genesis–Deuteronomy. Additionally, it's likely that Jonah wasn't the author of Jonah, and it's possible that Isaiah received some assistance throughout the years. Additionally, people just don't know who wrote certain novels.

People with a variety of professional backgrounds contributed to the writing of the Bible. King-written portions of the Bible exist. A sizable portion of Ecclesiastes, the Psalms, and parts of the Proverbs appears to have been written by the royal family. However, other portions of the Bible were authored by curates, farmers, fishermen, tentmakers, wandering prophets, doctors, professional scribes, musicians, and other occupations.

In the Bible, the term "Trinity" is never used. The majority of Christians hold that there are three eternal people who comprise God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, the Bible refers to all three of them as being divine; in reality fact, it has been found that all three verses are referred to together 20 times. The word "Trinity" doesn't appear when you perform a word search, though.

On three different continents, the Bible was authored. Most of them were penned in what is now Israel (Asia). However, several of Jeremiah's chapters were penned in Egypt (Africa), and numerous of the New Testament epistles were made from places in Europe. 

Therefore, there are still more facts about Bible available that you can explore out there.

How do you put The Ethiopian and Philip's Bible by connect the dot game?

With the help of the connect-the-dots game, children can finish off unfinished designs and afterward color the images in chronological order, starting from the smallest to the largest number, to trace the shape so the image will look more clearly.

This Philip and The Ethiopian coloring page is an illustration of a biblical dot-to-dot game. Children can learn about the early church's practice of mutual love and outreach through the game connect the dots.

Additionally, children that play connect the dot games undoubtedly gain from doing so. Playing connect the dots games with children can help them develop their hand-eye coordination, arithmetic skills, and other fine motor abilities.

Bible Connect the Dots Coloring Pages
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Bible Connect the Dots Activities for Kids
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Bible Connect the Dots Coloring Pages
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Bible Connect the Dots Noah Ark
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Extreme Dot to Dot Printables 1000
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What are the potential advantages of play for kids?

Your kid's development and education rely upon play. Your child can learn in a variety of methods and at different points in time when they are playing.

Furthermore, your kid benefits from play in the following ways:

  • establish self-assurance.
  • feel protected, cherished, and joyful.
  • learn more about how society functions.
  • improve their communication, language, and social abilities.
  • acquire knowledge of environmental and social responsibility.
  • strengthen their physical abilities.

Children engage in various sensory, bodily, and cognitive experiences during play. Through experiences, kids develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Such connections are created in the brain.

It's crucial for kids to engage in a variety of play activities. This covers both unorganized and organized play, play both inside and outside, individual and team play, handicraft and imaginative play, and more.

In addition, all areas of development and learning in kids, including the physical, social, emotional, and creative ones, benefit from variety.

How does the dot-to-dot game "Armor of God" for kids work?

These Armor of God dot-to-dot worksheets are a fantastic method for introducing your class to the six various pieces of armor in Armor of God.

The six different dot-to-dot worksheets in this resource correspond to the six parts of the divine armor, and they are as follows:

  1. The Spirit's Sword
  2. Armor of Faith
  3. Salvation Helmet
  4. Righteousness' Breastplate
  5. Belt of Truth
  6. Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

Since there are sixteen to twenty-eight dots in this resource, it's a great opportunity to assess your students' counting abilities. You can do both to deliver some history while engaging them in the activity.

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