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Updated on May 27, 2022
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What are dots activities suits the kids?

International Dots Day won’t be complete without hosting any dots activities. This is a great day for your kids to spark their creativity and reflect on “The Dots” book. Seek inspiration for your little ones here!

Construct exceptional paintbrush. Instead of using the ordinary brush, let your kids explore other things as a brush. Using the pompom to make dots art sounds awesome. Pick your background and let the kids scratch the pompom it!

Play a dot scavenger hunt. Due to the simple construction, dots are often seen everywhere. It is possible to have it in your classroom or even your house. Arrange the scavenger hunt template with the dot things around you. Ask kids to play while giving the marks on things they found.

Candy game. Play with your M&Ms to construct the dots. Divide the candies based on the colors. Serve a candy graph template and let the kids color it based on the candy amount.

 Have a STEM activity. Use beans that grow in water. Make the kids observe things that happen to the beans. After it turns bigger, play and hold to know the texture.

Incorporate the Dots Day with gluing. Create a template for applying the glue dots. Design the dots construction and instruct the kids to use it as guidance.

Write goals on the dots. Grab the paint and canvas. Let the kids make a dot while also stating their goals in it.

How can connecting the dots be difficult for kids?

After nailing the simple connecting dots, kids can move to the hard one. Using the number style to be a dot-to-dot is a great choice. Still, you can elaborate the template with things that are close to kids.

Select the theme that matches the season and occasion. For example, to welcome a Christmas, share the kids a Santa connect the dots template will be perfect. What makes this template difficult is the number used. If your students already know all the numbers, you can make it 1-100 numbers to trace. To make it still kid-friendly, just insert some lines that define the whole picture. This can be a clue for kids to know what they gonna trace.

In this template, kids have to connect each number based on its arrangement. This kind of task stimulates your kids' focus and concentration because they only stick with the numbers and connect them to each other. It also improves kids' hand and eye coordination. Aside from that, kids have to memorize back the numbers they have to arrange, so the picture will be formed and seen appropriate way.

Connect the Dots Worksheets Difficult
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What is the purpose of International Dot Day?

The celebration of International Dot Day was invented by “The Dot” book which was written by Peter H. Reynolds. This book inspired people to encourage their creativity and art-making. Therefore, this day commemorates annually every 15 December. The celebration makes people realize how beautiful art is, especially in the dots form. Some people also agree while also sharing their tough about the reason for loving the commemoration.

Dots are based. When you draw or write something, it all starts with dots. From the philosophical side, it’s a base of anything called art. Start from the tiny things such as punctuation until the complex ones. The celebration makes you trace back on the artsy thing you’ve nailed and how you manage to create new ones.

Pointillism.  Trace back to when this painting technique was founded, it was pioneered by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in Paris around the mid-1800s. The commemoration show how dots can turn as beautiful art and even record in history. These feelings make everyone appreciate art more.

Dots art making. During the feast, people would host dot-to-dot activities which the audience can start from kids to adults. Buch of activities are there such as dot painting, dots games, dots coloring, and more.

What dots activities to elaborate with Christmas?

Christmas is near! It’s time to get rushed and plan your activities for kids during the day. Many things you can construct, but it’s kinda fun to use the dots activity to put on your list. If you need one, just check below and have some to keep!

Making a glue dots snowman. Snowman always linked well with Christmas and winter. Therefore, elaborating as a kids’ activity is indeed great. Have a blank snowman template with the dots construction and the numbers attached. In this template, kids only have to connect each number with the dots made from glue dots. So, they have to pull glue dot content to connect each number.

Paint a Santa. Using the pompom to color sounds great. Provide the white and red paint along with the Santa template. Kids should manage the pompom as coloring tools and stamp them on the template. Serve as guidance, so they’ll able to put the paint properly.

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