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Updated: Dec 02, 2021

Minions are small yellow creatures with a cylindrical shape. The Minion body is like a capsule. Minions have one and two eyes. They are iconic characters loved by many children..

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  4. Printable Minion Goggles
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  8. Minion Mouth Template Printable
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Printable Minion Goggles
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What are Minions?

Minions are small yellow creatures with a cylindrical shape. The Minion body is like a capsule. Minions have one and two eyes. They are iconic characters loved by many children.

Each minion has its own character. The uniqueness is based on the number of eyes, clothes, hair, and their weight. The interesting thing about minions is the way they communicate. Minions have a strange language. The language sounds like French, Spanish, and Japanese. Minions are impulsive creatures and do not have good self-control abilities.

Actually, the origins of the minions are not known because the minion makers also do not explain the origins of the minions. However, many theories explain the origin of minions. The most famous theory is the theory that explains that minions are creatures that come from various countries in the world. Minions are believed to be legendary creatures.

Another theory explains that minions were created by a scientist. The scientist is the original owner of the minions. However, the origins of the minions are unknown to this day. In the Minion movie, the origins of these unique creatures are also not explained.

However, minions are unique creatures that are loved by many people in the world. That's because the character is cute. With all the uniqueness and cuteness, minions have become popular in the world. No wonder there are many minion-themed merchandise, toys, and products.

Minions are powerful creatures. They are always looking for a master who is stronger than them. That's because the nature of minions is to always want to serve their boss. They always follow all the commands of their boss. However, they always do chaotic things.

Minions have many masters, from dinosaurs to modern humans. Because the minions always do chaotic things, no creature wants to be the boss of the minions. Finally, the minion has been living in the cave for years. However, they got bored and came out of the cave to find a new boss.

Of the various types of minions, there are three of the most popular minion characters. They are Stuart, Kevin, and Bob.

  • Stuart: Stuart is a minion who has many abilities. However, his main ability is disguise.
  • Kevin: Kevin is a short minion with one eye. In the minion movie, Kevin is the first minion who has a name.
  • Bob: Another character is Bob. Bob is a smart minion. However, Bob has a childish character.


The Despicable Me characters were created uniquely which also make them popular to be used as popular template whether it is for craft, party supplies, coloring pages, and more.

How Do Minions Make Unique Languages?

Actually, the unique language of minions comes from various languages and food menus in the world. The minion language is referred to as minionese or banana language. That's because minions often say the word "banana."

Pierre Coffin, director and producer of minions, uses various world languages as the language of minions. The languages are derived from words in Spanish, English, Italian, and Japanese. Examples are kepaso (Spain) and gelato (Italy). However, there are some words that do not come from any language. An example is bananonina which means ugly.

Meanwhile, minion comes from French which means small and adorable. For this reason, the attitude of minions is similar to babies or children. Therefore, the language of the minions is not as clear as a baby. The language of the minions also comes from gestures, intonation, and expressions to help the audience understand the words spoken by the minions.

In making the language, Universal Pictures did not use linguistic experts. It aims to make Coffin free to be creative in making this unique language.

Despicable Me Minion Eyes Printable
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Minion Eyes Template
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Printable Minion Goggles
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Evil Minion Eyes Printable
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Printable Minion Eyes and Mouth
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Purple Minion Eyes Printable
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Minion Mouth Template Printable
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Printable Despicable Me 2 Minion Goggles And Mouths
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Minion Mouth Stickers Printable
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What are the Life Lessons of Minions Movie?

Not only presenting unique stories and characters, but minions also provide many life lessons. An example is the lesson on bad things that always cause trouble. This can be seen from the minion characters who often do the bad things. However, all of that ends in trouble and chaos.

Apart from that, minions also teach us that humans must be good social beings. Minions are creatures that are loyal friends. They are always there for their friends. It is a good attitude that needs to be taught to children. Many scenes in the minion movie show that good attitude. An example is when Kevin turned into a purple monster and all the minions prevented him from becoming that monster.

A minion boss named Gru has a mother who doesn't care about her child. This makes Gru a human who doesn't have empathy like normal people. This is an important lesson for parents to love their children so they can be good people.

Minions also provide a lesson that is closely related to current issues. The problem is bullying. Minions teach us that bullying is a bad action. The Minions convey that important message through Gru's past. In the past, Gru told his dreams to his friends. However, his teachers and friends said that Gru couldn’t achieve that dream. That's what makes Gru a bad person.

Gru tries to achieve all of his goals. Gru always manages to solve various problems. It teaches us to be optimistic in achieving all our dreams.

Even though Gru and the minions often do bad things, they have kindness. They want to help each other. In fact, they are willing to sacrifice themselves to help their friends. It becomes an important lesson for us that everyone must have kindness.

Minions are creatures who love to learn. They have a high curiosity. That's what makes them have many abilities. So, we also have to always learn and explore because it will be an important thing in our lives.

Article written by Lestari Nur Aisah, last updated on Dec 02, 2021 and edited by Printablee Team.

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