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Dec 23, 2022
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Printable Christmas Labels Templates
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How did people decorate Christmas trees in the 1800s?

Traced back to the Christmas celebrations, it has been starting since a long long time ago. The tradition of decorating trees arose in the 1800s. It was invented in Germany and started to bring to England around the early 1900s.

It is known from Queen Victoria’s diary which decorated the tree in her room around 1832. Date back to the tradition, you might be curious about how the decoration looked at the time.

Dried fruits become one of the Christmas tree ornaments during the 1800s. Sliced apples, cranberries, cinnamon, sliced orange, and popcorn were dried and threaded to hang.

Nature decorations also existed at the time. The evergreen and pinecones are only two of the items to display on the tree. This was a popular one to place on ancestor home.

Glass ornaments were quite popular at the time. It was Hans Greiner who invented the first glass items using the shape of nuts and fruits.

Before the existence of electricity, people used the candle as a tree ornament which turned into a disaster. So, once Thomas Edison found the lights, people way much more excited to use the light bulbs and lighten up the tree.

What are the most popular Christmas traditions in the US?

The holiday season commemorates everywhere in this world. Therefore, each state might have a different style of celebrating the huge holiday. Let’s talk about the most popular and modern traditions that take place in the US.

Watching some Christmas movies is like waking up the spirit in US people. It’s wonderful to celebrate with family and friends at home. Setting up a comfortable movie place while enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallow and gingerbread just make Christmas Eve perfect.

Setting and decorating the tree is a part of the tradition. Almost all families would come up with displaying this ornament at their house. Some tradition even makes each family member bring up their ornament to place on the tree.

Light decorations are a must. Inside and the outside house will be full of lights. Indeed, each family would race in creating festive lights and make each other jealous.

Christmas dinner tradition is also included. Whether you are the host or the visitor, you have to show up either with delicate Christmassy foods or presents for the house owner.

Gift exchange is also a part of the tradition which already exists since previous centuries. People commonly research first what the receiver wants and needs for them, so the gift would fit perfectly.

Printable Christmas Gift Tag Labels
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Printable Christmas Labels Templates
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Printable Christmas Gift Tags
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Print Christmas Labels
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Christmas Labels Templates
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Printable Editable Christmas Tags
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How do you come up with classy looks to wrap your gift?

The exchange of Christmas gifts already become part of the tradition. Aside from thinking of the present, you also have to pay attention to the wrapper you will use. This is the first time that they will see it, so make sure it makes them excited to open the gift. Using classy looks would be preferable.  

Just pick the vintage classy wrapper with the kraft paper as the main cover. Accompanied by the baker twine and ribbons to tie. Of course, the card also should be in there. Make an aesthetic look of your card wrapped in the stamped classic envelope. Add the natural grapevine elements to make it more elegant.

Using a paper bag with adorned green as the details. It is such a simple design but still does not leave a classy look through the green ornament. Use the brown paper bag and make sure it’s all plain. Take the greens from your yard so that you see its beauty. Ties on the closure with baker twine.

Use the black and white theme with a star garland as the embellishment. Wrap your boxed gift with a black paper gift and DIY the garland using the baker's twine layered with white paper. Create the star with paper in black and white look, then make this as ties up on your black boxed gift. It’s quite simple with the star accent that brings the classy touch.

What kinds of gifts that not just stuff?

Toys, clothes, and jewelry might be something usual people wrapped as a gift. Instead of going with something usual, you can choose the gift that brings them happiness and really works for them. Some of the gift ideas that might bring you new insight are:

For adults:

  1. Pick the ticket concert of their favorite band would be exceptional. It indeed brings another level of happiness.
  2. Cooking lessons are such an adorable gift too. You might know the person’s skill and want to let them deeply learn this field. What a beautiful gift.
  3. Annual gym membership could be great too. It is such a lovely way to deliver the caring because you want them healthier.
  4. The spa would be great for mommies and girlies. After the stressful Christmas preps, it will be such a beautiful gift for them.


For kids:

  1. A trip to an amusement park might become your kid's want. This could be great, moreover if your kids haven’t visited the place as well.
  2. A backyard pool definitely would make them happy all the time. Seeing your kids love to play with water, then it’s a sign that this is the greatest gift you can share with them.
  3. If you are always strict with the kids eating habits, then a day outing for fast food would be an unforgettable experience too. Let them list the fast-food restaurant they want to go to.

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