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Feb 20, 2009
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2 Christmas Song Scramble Answers
2 Christmas Song Scramble Answersdownload

What words go with Christmas?

Christmas is where the whole member of the family come together and be with each other in a room. But sometimes, there are some new members of the family that are hardly known to others. That is why it needs to have a fun game to make everyone involved at the time. There are so many games that can be played at Christmas. But there is one particular game that is easy to prepare and gives so much fun. It is called a scramble.

The only thing that you need to prepare is words. Scramble is a game of words. Participants will have one word. They will be asked to use that word to form another word or they will be asked to make an anagram of it. The winner is those who can give the most words. As it is Christmas, you can use the word related to Christmas. Those words are numerous, like Angel, Tree, Eggnog, Family, Elf, Candy, Boots, Holiday, Bells, or any others. But, make sure that the words can be scrambled.  

What’s the Word Scramble?

The very first Scramble that was ever recorded is in 1954 when the inventor of the game, Martin Naydel played the jumbled words in a game. It is played by rearranging the words into other words. For some words, there can be rearranged into much longer or shorter words. For example, from the word Plea, you can rearrange it into five-letter words like Apple four-letter words like Leap or Plea, or you can rearrange it into three-letter words like Pal Pea.  To play the game, there are several common methods. But, to make it more fun, you can play it by having a board. After the word is selected, the player will rearrange the words vertically or horizontally on the board.

Christmas Song Scramble Game Printable
Christmas Song Scramble Game Printabledownload
Printable Christmas Word Games
Printable Christmas Word Gamesdownload
Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
Printable Christmas Word Scramble Gamedownload
Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
Printable Christmas Word Scramble Gamedownload
Christmas Song Scramble Worksheets
Christmas Song Scramble Worksheetsdownload

How do you win a word scramble?

Traditionally, the winner is the player who produces the most rearranged words. But, there are strategies that can be used to be the winner more quickly. The most important and easiest one is while spelling out words, you need to also move the words on the board quickly. Another piece of advice is that you need to learn to have as many P and M words as possible. It is because those two words are most likely to appear in almost every word. The last advice is that you need to practice it more frequently. You can just read any random word almost everywhere, then in your mind try to make an anagram from it. The more you practice, the easier you will get the anagram of words. In the end, you will master the scramble game.

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