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Updated on Dec 05, 2022
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Printable Christmas Word Games
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Have you ever tried playing the "Snowman Slam" game to kill time on Christmas?

When it's chilly outside and the snow in the yard is piling up, the people of the house will certainly play an indoor game while celebrating this chilly season. As for the game, people prefer to engage in a game that is simple to play, the materials needed should be easy to get, and anyone may play it to pass the time during Christmas.

Playing Snowman Slam is a good option if you want to find a game that satisfies the required criteria. This game involves slamming paper glass cups with snowman-shaped decorations. You can pay attention to the supplies and construction techniques to create those paper snowman cups.

Things needed to make the snowman:

  • White paper cups
  • Construction paper or craft foam
  • White snowballs or socks
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Steps to do:

  1. Start by cutting out the parts of a snowman's face, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, from craft foam.

  2. Get six white cups embellished with craft foam forms to build our snowman.

  3. The foam pieces should be glued together using a glue stick.

  4. Socks that have been tightly curled can be used to create solid snowballs.

  5. The only thing you have to do is throw the snowball at the cups, trying to knock them over. The winner of the game is the one who can knock over the most cups, or perhaps all of them.

  6. The addition of rewards for the game's winners will increase the challenge of the competition and make the game more entertaining.


What information about Christmas would be amusing for kids to know?

It's crucial that kids are aware of information about their favorite holiday, Christmas. This is significant because kids should be aware of some fun facts in order to better understand and appreciate the holiday. Here are some you can tell the kids to blow their minds away:

The birth of Jesus Christ is honored throughout Christmas. It is a yearly Christian celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Years after His death, the Roman Catholic Church decided to celebrate His birthday on the 25th day of December.

Elves assist Santa in completing a number of tasks. The assistance of elves allows Santa to complete his daily long runs and deliver presents to children all across the world. 

Christmas is actually referred to as "Xmas”. Ancient Greek is where the letter "X" in the word "Xmas" originates. Christ is represented by the letter X in Greek.

So there you have it—some fascinating information about Christmas that kids could find useful.

These Christmas Bingo Cards
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Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
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Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
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Printable Christmas Bingo Game
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What games may children play during the Christmas party?

The Christmas celebration must be held when the time arrives. All of them can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Games are one approach to prevent unpleasant situations and another way to liven up the party. So that you won't run out of ideas to play, it is important to provide references for a variety of game types.

Here are some game references you can use at the holiday party.

Pile the presents. Merely a few wrapped presents of different sizes will do for this entertaining game. You can verify that the challenge is tough but manageable by attempting to pile them yourself. This game may be played in groups or in couples. The mission is for children to pile as many presents as they can without them falling. This game is won by the pile with the biggest number of presents.

Guess the stockings. Put smaller toys and Christmas decor in a stocking, like a bell, candy cane, pinecone, or toy car. Allow the children to examine the stocking and find out exactly what is inside. The winner is the youngster who makes the most accurate guesses.

Hunt for candy canes. Allow the kids to search for candy canes that have been hidden. You may use Christmas candies that have been separately wrapped if you'd like. Add a couple of toys for extra entertainment. Allow the children to customize the paper bags with crayons and Christmas stickers before the hunt to carry their party goodies home.

Snow blower game. The youngest children can enjoy playing this straightforward game. Simply provide every child with a different colored drinking straw as well as a few cotton balls. On a wide sheet of paper, mark the finish line, or attach it to the top of the table. The aim is to blow through the straw and the first one to push a cotton ball past the finish line.

Therefore, you can use some as references for your Christmas party. Along with being simple to perform, the materials required are also simple to obtain. These will undoubtedly be a hit with kids and attractively fun to play together for wonderful moments at the end of the year.

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