Printable Christmas Games Trivia And Answers

Jan 07, 2022
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Printable Christmas Song Trivia
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Who Can Make Christmas Games Trivia and Answers?

Basically, anyone can make Christmas games trivia with the answers. But, most of the games are compiled by adults because they already have the knowledge of Christmas facts. They can be your parents, teachers, or your grandparents. They want to know how far do you understand the topic of Christmas trends, traditions, and such. Children and teens can also make the game with the answers. They are probably good at making the fun category. Just keep the answers secret so you can continue the game.

When is The Best Time to Play Christmas Games Trivia and Answers?

Many people agree that this game is best to be played after eating the feast. But, it is all as you like it. You can play this game while having a meal because the answers are based on Christmas food. You can also play this game before the feast to wait for all guests to arrive. Most people play this game after eating the food because they are already full, so they can think deeply about the answers. Also, some people use this game as the icebreaker. You can still play this game even when it is not Christmas day yet. For instance, you play this game when you are attending a language course. 

Christmas Movie Trivia Printable
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Printable Christmas Games
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Printable Christmas Trivia Games
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Printable Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers
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Christmas Trivia Games
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Printable Holiday Games Trivia
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Adult Christmas Movie Trivia Games
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Fun Christmas Song Trivia Games
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Printable Christmas Carol Quiz Game
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Should Parents Tell The Truth About Santa to Children?

It is actually debatable on revealing the truth about Santa to little children. Some parents stay lie to the children because they want to teach something that is included in Santa's rule on giving a good gift; being a kind kid. On the other hand, parents shouldn't lie about the existence of Santa because there is a behavioral development in children that they must support. There is a stage when they want to know the truth about everything, the real story about Santa. Parents are supposedly not skipping the developmental process of them.

Is Santa as Real as Tooth Fairy?

Santa, as fictional as Tooth Fairy, are considered as mystical beings. As a result, many parents are afraid if someday their children might be disappointed by the truth. Parents can tell the whole reality about those fictional figures. But, there is another way to synchronize the fictional story with the reality around them. For instance, parents can let the kids tell the story about Santa Claus, where he lives, and what to do to get the present from him. From doing that, parents can show their affection by teaching them the motive of Santa, or other mystical characters they know. 

How do you decorate the entrance to welcome the holiday season?

Entrance decoration is somehow very crucial for the holiday season. it is such a sign you greet everyone that passed your house about the celebration. Grab your ornaments and start the decoration now!

For the door, you can start with the wreath. If you want to go simple, just use the grapevines with the pinecones ornaments and the ribbons to tie while still giving the embellishment touch there.

A mini grapevine tree would be great to place on the corner. Add the bulb lights and glitters to make it shine in the dark mode.

The welcome sign should be put on your list too. Just come up with the wooden board and paint the sayings using stencils.

How to add the ribbon to your Christmas tree?

A ribbon is such a versatile decoration item to put on everywhere, including the Christmas tree. In case you need insight into the ribbon installation on your Christmas tree, this post will lead you to have one.

Start with the first ribbon bundle to secure the ties. You can wrap the wire branches around the ribbon. Continue with shaping the ribbon as you wish.

Spread the ribbon and make it out. Just tackling each part to other parts of the tree. Repeat until you have the vertical area in the upper and lower parts.

Add other decorations. You can customize the color that is in line with the ribbons. Just come up with Christmas bulbs, candy canes hanging, pinecones, and more.

What Christmas baskets you can easily handcraft?

A wonderful time of the year should be filled with beautiful activities such as sharing. Come up with a Christmas basket would be adorable. Some basket ideas you can try on are:

Holiday entertainment theme. It consists of the things that are connected with Christmas entertaining activities. You can have a game board, popcorn, a movie recommendation list, Elf toys, trivia questions and answers, and more.

Slime and Snacks. In this package, you can place slimes in various smells and look along with the snacks that kids love. Pack it in some eye-catching wrappers to go!

Bath package. It is such a great basket for teenagers. Come up with a magical theme such as unicorn and elf labels on each bottle. Things you can attach there are bath bombs, lotion, liquid soap, shampoo, and many more.

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