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Updated on Mar 07, 2023
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What is The History of Easter Egg Tradition?

Easter is the oldest holiday in the world. This Christian holiday is a form of respect for Jesus. Christians must pray and fast for 40 days before Easter.

Dogo News also mentioned that Easter is the most awaited celebration by children in the United States. The reason is, they can get a lot of delicious food such as chocolate, candy, and various other delicious foods. They can also get colorful Easter eggs.

In the United States, the tradition of hunting for eggs is a fun event that is always done when celebrating Easter. The eggs are decorated with various ornaments and unique colors.

Then, all the eggs are hidden in the bushes. The children will play hide and seek and try to find the eggs quickly. The child who can get all the eggs in the shortest time is the winner.

Based on Christian history, Easter is always held in the spring. In ancient tradition, Europeans welcomed spring by distributing eggs. It is a symbol for new life.

For Christians, the egg is a symbol of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. Because eggs are closely related to Easter, the church finally distributes eggs at Easter.

However, the tradition of decorating emerged from the reign of King Edward I in 1307. The king asked his maid to boil 450 eggs before Easter. The boiled eggs are colored and decorated with lots of decorations before being distributed among all members of the royal family.

Now, there are various ways that Christians celebrate Easter with Easter eggs. One of the most popular is the tradition of hunting and egg rolling in the United States.

In fact, there is always White House Easter Egg Roll event in the United States. All participants in the event must roll boiled eggs that have been decorated. The event is held every Monday. Precisely after Easter Sunday.

How to Plan A Fun Easter Egg Hunt for Toddlers?

Easter egg hunt is an Easter game that can be done by everyone, even toddlers. However, you have to do several ways so the egg hunt game can be done by toddlers. So, here we give you some tips about how to plan a fun and fair Easter egg hunt for toddlers.

  1. Draw An Egg

    You have to make pictures of some eggs that toddlers have to find. Also write down how many eggs they have to find. Children who can find all the eggs quickly are the winner of the Easter egg hunt.

  2. Find A Basket

    Not only looking for Easter eggs, toddlers need to find Easter baskets. After they find the Easter eggs, ask them to find a basket. Give the picture on the eggshell that shows the location of the Easter basket. Toddlers will be excited to find that place so they can lay their Easter eggs.

  3. Give A Map

    Easter egg hunt is a treasure hunt mission. So, you also have to prepare a map that can be used by toddlers to find the location of the Easter eggs. You can teach them about how to read the map. It can be a way to teach toddlers about simple problem solving.

    If they have trouble finding the eggs using the map, someone should help them. You can also lead the egg hunt game. So, toddlers will follow your footsteps.

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What are Other Fun Easter Traditions in Some Countries?

Not only Easter egg hunt, there are other traditions that are more unique and fun. Some of these countries present unique Easter traditions that you won't find anywhere else.

  1. Slovakia

    Residents of Slovakia and the Czech Republic have always celebrated Easter with their own unique traditions. If other countries celebrate Easter from Friday, then citizens in that country celebrate Easter on Monday. There, all the men hit the women using small twigs decorated with ribbons.

    The twigs used are young twigs that usually grow in spring. They believed that the branch could give fertility and increase the vitality of women.

  2. Spanish

    If Easter is always celebrated with various colorful things, Spain celebrates Easter in a scary way. On Holy Thursday, Spaniards will do a tradition called the De La Mort Dance. It is also known as the dance of death.

    So, they will wear skull costumes. Then, the people walk around the city. The parade was carried out from night to morning. So, this event is similar to the Halloween celebration.

  3. Greece

    Greece has always had a unique side. Greeks celebrate Holy Saturday at Easter by throwing pots away. That is the main tradition that is always done by Greeks every year. Not only pots, they also threw away other old utensils at home. All of that was dumped on the streets.

    By throwing away those old pots and utensils, they believed that it could be the start of a new day.On that new day, the plants could grow in new pots.

  4. Poland

    Poles also have their own way of celebrating Easter. They hold a water flush event called Smingus-Dyngus. The event was held on Easter Sunday.

    They can throw water on other people using a bucket or a water gun. Poles believe that if a girl is successfully splashed with water, they can get a lot of fortune and get married soon.

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