Printable Baby Shower Borders

Nov 03, 2022
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Printable Baby Shower Borders
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What mocktail recipe for the baby shower?

The baby shower is not just about the celebration that you should pay attention to. Drinks should be spot on too. If your baby shower is intended for all ages, better to serve kid-friendly drinks but still tasteful and refreshing. Non-alcoholic mocktails meet those requirements. Here are some mocktails to serve at the party.

Have a non-alcoholic virgin mojito to serve on your drink station. It basically the mixture of lime juice, ice, soda, and mint leaves. Just imagine drinking this in the daylight.

The blackberry fauxjito also great to serve. Mix the mint leaves, soda, fresh blackberry, and honey. The reddish color will be stunning on the drink station. You also can have this drink for other occasions such as Halloween parties.

Non-alcoholic white sangria sounds good to consider. It consists of orange juice, white grape juice, and ginger ale. Add the ice cubes and lemon slices for the garnish. Combine the sourness of strawberry with lime and mint leaves to create a special shot of strawberry mojito.

Have slices of strawberry as the topping to add a gorgeous look. Juicy julep with no alcohol should be put on your list too. The mixture of lime juice, ginger ale, pineapple juice, and mint with the lime slice on the top is absolutely perfect for the guest to taste.

Those recipes are non-alcohol and kid-friendly, so you can let the kids try them out! Set your drink session with a clear drink jar and clear glasses of wine to serve. Let the color of mocktails shine through it, so the guest would attract once they see it.

How do you design a baby shower invitation?

No party without the invitation. It’s in line with the baby shower celebration. Therefore, design your invitation as the theme of the party and include crucial information for guests to know. For the design, a lot of pieces can pick to fit the baby shower invitation. Let’s straight to the design!

First, you have to decide whether the invitation will be an e-invitation or the paper-based one. If you are looking for affordable ones, better to use the e-invitation you can design on designer apps. However, the unique design will be more stunning with the DIY. Reveal the baby's gender on the invitation could work too.

You can design it with the baby clothes template and looks like hanging on the rope along with the wooden pins on it. The color of the clothes is the baby's gender identity, blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

After nailing the design, go to list the information to include on the invitation. State the name of the party. Instead of using “baby shower” as the title, you can go with others such as diaper party, stork party, and many more. The date and time should clearly site on it. Make sure you have the date with large spare time after you share the invitation. It makes the guest much time to prepare.

Even if the guest is only your closest ones, you still need to state a clear address of the party celebration. Instead of just stating “our lovely home” just state the details with street name, numbers, and other details.

Mention the RSVP too. You can use it for confirming your attendance. If you decide to have some specific dress code for the celebration, make sure it clearly states the do's and dont's too.

Those are the things to consider while designing baby shower invitations. Make sure all of the details include and have a fabulous celebration!

Girl Baby Shower Borders Free
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What are some essential things to buy for a newborn baby?

While thinking of the gift to bring for the baby shower, you need to know what the baby needs, so you won’t get wrong in choosing the things. Have the newborn baby things to buy with knowing these essential lists. Let’s check it out and get inspired!

Crib belongs to the essential of nursery things to buy. It keeps them have a safe sleep. While choosing this as the gift, including the crib matters too. Choose the design with the safest material. Waterproof matters cover should be included in the sleep things package. Other nursery things to consider as gifts are a humidifier, bassinet, night light, and many more.

You can also go with the playtime things to pack. The baby swing is a must for a newborn. It let them feel the vibration and swaying. Make sure you choose the newborn size. Pack newborn toys as gifts is also a great idea. Choose the things like grabbing toys, colorful board books, toys with music on it, hanging toys, and many more.

Select one of those things as a gift for a baby shower. Pack it safe with the gift box and include some embellishment on it. The gift tags and ribbon are musts.  

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