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Nov 07, 2022
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Blank Calendar Templates to Print
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What can you do with fill in a blank calendar?

Make your kids understand the concept of days and the time through the teaching calendar. There are numerous ways you can take it. Use fills in a blank worksheet would be fun for the kids. If you are considering this way, check this out to know what you can fill in the worksheet!

Starting with the date, you can provide them calendar template which already has several numbers on it, and also the blank space. All the kids need to do is fill the blank space with appropriate numbers. Continue with the day’s name. Provide all of the days' names in incomplete words. The kids’ job is to complete the blank space with the appropriate alphabet to define the right words of the day's name.

Let’s jump to the month. Basically, it’s all the same with the day’s name. You attach the 12-month incomplete names and require the kids to complete them with the appropriate letters. Fill in the blank with the year as the question will work like the date too. Don’t forget to remind them about the year too.

After all the components are trained, go with all of those in a template. You can make the students fill in the blank with the combination of date, day, month, and year. You can go with today’s date for them to fill it. After filling in the blank worksheet, jump to let them write the dates, days, and months through the blank calendar template.

Those are what you can apply on fill in the blank calendar template. You can incorporate the learning with music or video, so the kids will be more enjoy while also engaging with the materials.

How can you arrange for the students to make a calendar?

If you are just teaching the students about the calendar components, it’s time for you to test them through the calendar project. You can arrange a calendar making with all the component that needs to be from the students. Therefore, you still need to prepare any things for them to nail it. Let’s just jump into the preparation step!

Decide the theme you want to apply to the calendar design. Select the ones that kids know the most. The animal theme would be spot on. Gather all the materials such as the animals’ stencils, blank paper, Styrofoam, coloring tools, pencils, markers, glue, and scissor.

Before jumping into the making process, you need to divide the kids into groups. At least 3 persons in a group. You are the ones that should divide the month for them to create. So, each group will make a month only.

In this project, the kids need to draw the animal with the stencil. Require them to color and write the date numbers on it. After having the design of the date, they can move to the day's name. For this one, you can let them freely in choosing the template.

Just remind them that the font needs to be clearly seen. For the month name, they can elaborate their creativity in making the large font as the design. After all the components gather, they can place them on the Styrofoam and present them in the classroom.

That’s how you can arrange a calendar project for the kids. Just make sure that they keep on track!

Printable Blank Calendar Template
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Which days are world’s celebrated on?

There always be celebrations in a year. Therefore, you might want those special days to include your calendar DIY. If you seek information about the world’s special days, just check out to know them!

On 4th January, the world celebrates Braille Day. It is such a commemoration of Braille’s founder's birthday, Louis Braille. The International Education Day also spots in January. To be exact on 24th January. This day celebrates the role of education on a worldwide scale. Then, on 27th January, people in the world commemorate the international day in memory of the victim of the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, in February, you will face some special world days such as World Faith Harmony Week, World Wetlands Day, International Day of Human Fraternity, World Pulses Day, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, World Radio Day, Worlds Day of Social Justice, and Mother language Day.

In March, you also have so many special days to put on your list. These are World Seagrass Day, Zero Discrimination Day, World Wildlife Day, International Women’s Day, International Day of Woman Judges, International Day of Combat Islamophobia, International Day of Happiness, and many more.

Those are the world’s celebrations from January until March only. You can include all of those celebrations while also finding other references to have all complete.

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