Jungle Themed Baby Shower Games Printable

Updated on Sep 25, 2022
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Jungle Baby Shower Games Printable
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How is a baby shower celebrated around the world?

A baby shower is the commemoration of the expected birth child while also celebrating a woman's turn into a mother. It names baby shower due to the tradition of showering the pregnant mother with gifts. This kind of tradition is also celebrated around the world with a different name. Here’s how the baby shower celebrates around the world.

In Afghanistan, people commemorate the after-birth party named by Afghani sixth night. It celebrates six days after the child’s birth. The celebration consists of a party with large food served and presents that are in line with the baby's gender.

While in France, they celebrate this kind of tradition on the baby’s first birthday. The party was attended by men and women guests who brought the gift for the mother and the baby.

In China, the common tradition is held with a large dinner party. Instead of a gift, the guest brings the money in red envelopes to share with the parents and baby.

In Tibet, it was named Tibetan pang-sai. It is held in the first week after the newborn. The gift is that guests bring clothes and food for the baby and mother. The Tibetan pang-sai is also the occasion for naming the baby by the most honorable person who attends the party.

Even though the way of the celebration were different, the goal of the commemoration is the same, that is for the baby and the mother.

How do you arrange a jungle theme for the baby shower?

It suits those who want to set the baby shower into nature. Here’s how you can decorate a baby shower into a jungle theme.

Set the baby shower venue into the colors of green, white, and brown. Have a simple background of the baby shower tags along with natural symbols of animals and plants. Add also the juggle vines to make it more fantastic.

For the sides part, you can add a combination of balloons in green and white. Decorate the top parts using artificial leaves. Don’t forget to add the real green plants around the party venue. Garnish with some edible plants and animals would be great. Add also standing animals decoration to make it more festive.

For the treats, have a cake in green color while also decorating it with the juggle-related items. An animal cake theme can work too. Serve some snacks that represent the juggle most. It can be cookies in animals and leave shape.

Veggies as finger food would make the baby shower seems natural. Set the dinner table into the juggled theme too. Add the animals' miniature on the table while also including the green leaves on the vase. To make it more tropical, you can also add flowers with colors that are in line with your party theme. White flowers would be great for this one.

Before holding the celebration, it’s better for you to decide the theme and the items you going to place on the occasion. The jungle theme is such a great idea for a baby shower if you want to make the party seems natural while also fun with the other kids of your friends that come around.

Jungle Animal Baby Shower Games
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What are some hilarious baby shower games for men?

During the baby shower celebration, men and women are also involved as a guest. To make the celebration more festive, a throwing game would be great for the celebration.

Instead of putting the woman in the game, you can also arrange some games that are appropriate to play by men. The baby shower is commonly filled with fathers. Therefore, you need to throw the game which suits them well. Here are some recommendations.

The water balloon race would be such an exciting game to play. In this game, they need to race in taking the balloon between their knees. The winner of the game will be a person who reaches the finish line first without breaking the balloon.

Baby bottle chugging would be a fun game to try. The game allows them to race in chugging the drink with the baby bottle. To arrange this game, you only need some baby bottles along with the drinks. The first participant who finishes drinking from the baby bottle is the winner.

Play a pairs game would be great too. Divide the men into pairs and arrange the spoon-feed game. In this game, one of the people in a team will be blindfolded. They need to feed the partner behind the back in blindness. The team who wins the game is the one that finishes eating the baby food first without cheating to see.

Since the men or the fathers are also involved in the baby shower celebration as guests. Therefore, arranging the game for them would make the party funnier. Choose one of these games and have a great baby shower!

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