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Mar 04, 2013
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Why certificates and badges are important?

During the university and school days, we often get into competition or training based on our subject interest. We also have to admit that sometimes we think it is not that necessary to get involved in such activity to get a badge or certificate. Then later we found out why it is important because it can be an item to help you in your career. Some employers consider your certificate template to acknowledge that you have experience, knowledge and certifications in the areas of expertise. Those border template badges on the certificates stamped could boost you to increase your value at work and knowing that you are committed and willing to do infestation in yourself in the future with certified skills.

What is a digital badge?

Many stacked paper documents filed in the box at your work room at home was indeed never a good intention. Paper documents like your old assignment from school, but you keep it as an achievement for themselves or lots of badges. Just like any other joy you could feel when you are able to collect something. However, all the paper waste could never go last. It will make your space smaller and you probably won’t look at it that often. Therefore, some people prefer to frame their gold border template certificate hanging onto their wall. Giving a solution for such paper based achievement, internet courses and other services now moving into digital badge or digital certificate. Those border template badge certificates  are an item that value the same as paper one because both are still a certificate and badge anyway. Digital badge is still needed because it can motivate, engage and boost the person's confidence in their professional status. Because many online courses nowadays are certified and trusted by many employers to get employees yet with a certificate or digital badge upon their skills or area of expertise.

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How do you know a digital badge is original?

This is important to notice because some online courses could also do another trick to create a fraud by using an unofficial badge or using a digital badge template without permission. Some online courses or universities have a typical pattern of border template badge and even code within each of them. Nowadays they create a customized digital badge and certificate like only sending a barcode through emails or printed one but limit accessibility.

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