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Updated on Dec 22, 2022
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Santa Sleigh Template Printable
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How do you make a candy cane sleigh?

While thinking of a special way to wrap up your gift, Santa’s sleigh can be your inspiration to make one. Use the candy canes and set up your candy bars. Take a note and grab the needed right away! It is simple and easy even for the last-minute preps you need.

All you need are pairs of candy canes in each gift, candy bars, tags, ribbons, and Santa’s mini figure. Choose a candy bar that is used for the bottom part. It needs to be larger than others. Stick the candy canes on the left and the right side. Pill up other candies above it. Setting up the candies and making them neat.

Choose some brands in mini sizes, so you can add various tastes to a sleigh. For example, a KitKat for the bottom and mini snickers to pill up. Use the hot glue to tightly stick each other. Write the Christmassy sayings and stick the tags on the candy cane. Let Santa stand on the front part, so it looks like he’s riding the sleigh. You can give them to your kid's classmates, teachers, neighbors, or people around that you loved and be grateful for the most.

Is Santa an elf?

During the Christmas holiday, your kids might ask a lot about magical things, especially Santa. Because they know the fictional legends of Santa and the Elf, they might ask whether both of them are a species. Before this kind of question makes you a bit buffered at the time, just look at this alibi that seems to make sense for the kids.

Based on the answers of some people that believe in this fictional legend, they all agreed that Santa is not an elf but the one who gives commands to them. Technically, Santa has a higher position compared to elves.

When you look at the appearance of Santa, he is way bigger than the elves. So, it kinda makes sense if he’s not one of them. Some opinions also mentioned that he is a supervisor of elves. This statement is supported when you join the Elf on the Shelf which requires the elf to watch kids’ behavior before Christmas and report it to Santa.

Whether Santa is an elf or not, just keep in your mind that they are good teammates to turn out Christmas into happiness time for the kids. Some sweet and wonderful folktales to share during this time can be some memories they would cherish for their whole life.

Santa Sleigh Cut Out Templates
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Printable Santa Sleigh Template
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Printable Christmas Sleigh Pattern Template
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Christmas Sleigh Coloring Pages Printable
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What are the special things about Santa’s sleigh?

The magical Christmas always makes Santa and his sleigh become the hottest topic. However, you might be curious more about the special sides of this magical carrier.

  1. The sleigh is eco-friendly

Even though it uses high-tech technology, it’s quite eco-friendly because it runs with magical dust.

  1. Christmas spirit also runs the sleigh

Christmas spirit is the feeling when the person believes in Santa and the tremble if you hear the carol songs. It creates the fuel so it can strongly fly in the sky.

  1. Santa’s sleigh is travel through time

You already know that Santa would only deliver gifts to kids around the world only on Christmas Eve. For a human being, it is such an impossible thing to do. Santa has the magical skill for stretch time, so he and the reindeer can travel around the world a night.

  1. The sleigh was made from wood imported from Finland

Father of Christmas prepared the trees for making the sleigh for hundred years. It is used to travel around the world and was made from special Pinewoods from Finland which grow from underneath the Northern Lights.


Why is Santa use reindeer as the sleigh puller instead of a high-tech machine to fly?

You might question why the elf scientists are not just letting Santa’s sleigh have modern machines like aircraft and other vehicles which can fly without any helps from animals such as reindeer.

It was because he and the army lived at the North Pole which might be too extreme for the engine. The cold weather makes them need more maintenance.  That’s why Santa and the elf prefer reindeer as the puller. It also gives a strong feeling of how magical it could be for the mammals to go with Santa roaming around in the sky.

Some people might have assumptions that reindeer fly without any wings on them while they can. Technically, when reindeer have wings, it’s kinda difficult for them to fly around together. Using the wings to fly also possibly force them to work harder than using the magical dust from Santa.

From there, you all know that Santa uses the reindeer as the best choice. He did scientific experiments and found out that the magical dust helps them perform better in the sky even the bad weather exists.

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