Teacher Phone Log Template Printable

Sep 16, 2010
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Teacher Phone Log Template Printable

Teacher Phone Log Template Printable

Parent Teacher Behavior Communication Log
Parent Teacher Behavior Communication Logdownload


What is a phone log?

Phone log is basically a metadata that collected from telephones or mobile phones to record the history of phones usage. Long time ago, phone log is used for the purpose of surveillance or espionage. It can record the length of calls, phone numbers, phone-specific information, GPS location, or computer converted voice-to-text transcripts of the phone call conversation. That’s why phone log is usually used by government. Nowadays when the world changes phone log also used by another institution such as companies.

What is teacher phone log?

Beside government, another institution that needs phone log is school in this case it is teacher that will need it. But, for what is it? Well, for your information, teachers also need to do supervision. They need to make a call to the parents of their students or somebody else related to their job. To track this activity, they will need teacher phone log that can help them to edit and submit to administration, guidance, or immediate supervisor.  The teacher phone log will contain document such as: who you spoke to & relation to student, when the call took place, how long the call lasted, reason for the call.

Phone Call Log Sheet Templates Printable
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Parent Communication Log Template
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Parent Contact Log Template
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How to document a phone conversation?

Sometimes, you need to document a phone conversation with somebody. If you need to do this, you should know how to do it. Do you know how to document a phone conversation? Well, it’s not difficult to document a phone conversation. If you still don’t know how to do it yet, just follow these steps below! 

1.       Manual way

This old style can be done by writing the conversation down. You just need paper and a pen to do it or you can also write it on the computer.

2.       Phone recorder

If you want simpler, you can use phone recorder to document your phone conversations. A phone recorder is a small device that connects to the telephone. It will record the call whenever the line is engaged. But, this device cost money. You might need twenty until hundred dollars to buy and install phone recorder.

3.       Phone log template

If you want to document your phone conversation, you can also use phone log template. If you’re a teacher, there is a specific version called teacher phone log template that you can use to document a phone conversation. This template will make it easier to write down your phone conversation because it has column and others to support the recording.   


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