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Jun 07, 2012
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Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards Printable
Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards Printabledownload

Who can learn the first 100 sight words?

Learning words takes a long time to create a good and understandable series of sentences to communicate with others. Therefore, from an early age, everyone is taught to recognize alphabets, words and compose words. In the process of learning words, you will recognize sight words. It is called the first 100 sight words because they are often used in everyday life and the references that are owned by each child are certainly different. Ideally, it can be mastered by children who have completed the education level in first grade.

What kind of worksheets are needed for 100 sight words?

Any lessons given regarding the first 100 sight words will usually use worksheets. In it, there are many tasks related to it. Almost all the contents of the paper in the worksheets are decorated by the alphabet and also the words. The types of tasks in it will not be the same even though in the end they end with the same goal, namely understanding sight words. In some worksheets, it will include elements other than words and alphabets.

Why make the first 100 sight words with pictures?

Other elements besides words and alphabet in worksheets are pictures. If you want to make it into worksheets with the user aimed at children at the first-grade level, using pictures is quite effective in conveying the knowledge they need. With pictures, it will be entertainment as well as additional lessons related to the sight words used. Vocabulary owned by children will develop over time. Without realizing it, not only the first 100 sight words can be understood by children, but also vocabulary and understanding related to pictures and sight words that are appropriate for use in writing.

100 First Grade Sight Words List
100 First Grade Sight Words Listdownload
Kindergarten 100 Sight Word List
Kindergarten 100 Sight Word Listdownload
Printable Fry Sight Word List
Printable Fry Sight Word Listdownload
First 100 High Frequency Words
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Second Grade 100 Sight Words List
Second Grade 100 Sight Words Listdownload

Can I make flashcards with the first 100 sight words?

Tools that are often used to help the learning process in children's flashcards. If the worksheets are a large and detailed version for placing the content of the first 100 sight words, then flashcards come as a flexible version of the tool. Using flashcards to learn sight words is a good idea because you'll learn them faster by being able to carry them around with you. These flashcards are the same as worksheets that contain sight words and activities related to how to learn them. However, there is no need to bring it into serious activities such as in the classroom process.


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